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March 26, 2014

The People's Ambassador

Weatherford Democrat

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MILLSAP – It’s not often someone gets the chance of a lifetime to visit Europe, much less for that chance to be beneficial in advancing one’s life. For one Millsap High School student, this dream is coming true.

Shawn Burger, Millsap High School sophomore, has been selected to be a Student Ambassador for People to People – a selection not to be taken lightly – and will be flying out to visit England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales this summer.

Burger is a very driven student and is involved in nearly any activity he can find. From football, baseball, track and powerlifting to taking all advanced placement classes, Burger’s plate is full and bursting with opportunities. He currently ranks fourth in his class. 

His favorite subjects in school are geometry and English. He loves English in particular because he enjoys it as an outlet for expression.

Although Burger might seem invincible, he is also very aware of his limitations.

“I enjoy school, but I also like taking time off too,” Burger said. “Sometimes the work gets to you, and it’s pretty stressful when you take all AP classes and do a lot of sports. Sometimes it gets to you.”

Because of Burger’s hard work, he was elected to fill the Student Ambassador position at his school – a position he is excited about and doesn’t take for granted. 

“The chance to go overseas and experience a different culture is amazing,” Burger said. “I have never left the states. It will affect me culturally because I will have a deeper and greater understanding of how the rest of the world works.”

Burger will spend a total of three weeks in Europe doing a number of exciting things. One of the things he is most excited about is staying with a Scottish family for a few days. He will also have the chance to visit the British Parliament.

Burger is a “jack-of-all-trades” and is currently trying to decide what dreams to follow. Burger threw out being a geneticist, a chef or an engineer as a few ideas he has tossed around.

Burger said this trip with People to People will help him some in deciding what dreams to follow.

“The cooking is going to be different over there,” Burger said. “So, if I do become a chef, I will have experiences with different foods and knowing how to cook them.”

But Burger isn’t the only one excited. His family and school are also very proud of his accomplishments.

“The chance to learn how others live and work will hopefully allow our future leaders to close the gaps in our different cultures and aid in peace for future generations,” Burger’s mother, Anita Burger, said.

“He is an asset to Millsap High School,” Millsap High School Principal Tammy Addison said. “He is just an amazing young man. He is brilliant at everything he does. He is an all-around kid.”

The trip, exciting as it is, comes at a high cost. Anyone looking to donate to Burger can do so by purchasing a sponsorship.

According to People to People’s website, the organization has been around for 50 years, providing education travel for students across the globe. The program boasts seven continents, 40 countries and 500,000 alumni. Annually, PTP sends more than 20,000 ambassadors worldwide. 

PTP is said to be one of the world’s most recognized and respected educational travel providers for both students and professionals across the globe.

To purchase a sponsorship, email Anita Burger at