Weatherford Democrat

October 20, 2013

Democrat seeks JFK assassination edition

Paper calls on collectors in hopes of finding saved copy

Weatherford Democrat

— The Weatherford Democrat is certain one or more of our readers has a copy of the Nov. 23, 1963, edition of the newspaper containing the initial coverage of the previous days assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Nearing the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination in Dallas, the Democrat would like to reproduce the front page. There is no past collection of the Democrat on our site.

While the Weatherford Public Library has a great collection on microfilm of past editions of the Democrat and other newspapers and periodicals published in the county, it is not complete, and the Nov. 23, 1963 edition is missing from its archive.

So we are turning to our readers, hoping someone out there has kept historic copies of the Democrat and has the Nov. 23, 1963, edition that was stored away and that we can borrow, scan and return to your collection.

If you have one, please contact Editor David May at or call 817-594-7447, ext. 234. Thank you in advance.