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April 11, 2014

Off to the races

Weatherford resident seeing his NASCAR dreams coming true

Weatherford Democrat


It’s taken some time and a lot of work, but Ted Minor has joined the world of NASCAR.

Minor, a Weatherford resident and Mineral Wells native, took part in a practice session in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series at Martinsville, Va., late last month. Due to some mechanical problems, he was unable to race, but Minor said he learned a lot during his time in Virginia.

“We had a great practice session running against the other teams and, as a result, we were able to get clearance from NASCAR immediately to race at other tracks,” Minor said. “It was almost like a dream, almost surreal, strapping into the truck getting ready for the first practice, looking out the window watching other drivers who I have only ever watched on TV getting in their trucks as well, knowing I was about to be on the track door to door with them.”

After working at the Pentagon in the Air Force, Minor returned to Dallas to work in the telecommunications field. Upon his return, he turned his love of watching racing into racing itself, competing on local dirt tracks at Kennedale Speedway Park and Cowtown Speedway in 2001.

Around the same time that the telecommunications bubble started to burst, Minor began to get into rental property, starting with one house he purchased and remodeled himself in Mineral Wells. Over the next several years, Minor continued to develop the rental property business and race locally, moving from dirt to asphalt tracks at Red River Speedway in Wichita Falls and Altus Speedway in Altus, Okla., with a goal of taking part in a NASCAR race.

“I began to have the idea to develop a NASCAR team and get licensed as a NASCAR driver, a process that is very tough and lengthy,” Minor said. “Since I tend to enjoy business and entrepreneurship, developing a NASCAR team was right down my alley. The problem was, like most local racers, I had no idea how to make this happen. The dream was there but not the knowledge.”

To get the knowledge, Minor began making contact with some NASCAR teams and hooking up with them, both helping them at races and driving for them in rides I leased in lower series, such as the ARCA Racing Series. He began finding out how to develop a team, but started running into problems.

“The problem I faced was that most NASCAR teams, and nearly all experienced NASCAR level crew chiefs and crew members, are based in the Carolinas,” Minor said. “I had the desire, had acquired enough knowledge to start the process, but couldn’t run an entire NASCAR team by myself.”

Minor found a potential solution at the end of 2011 after making contact with Eric Caudell, owner of the United States Super Truck Series, and his team, all based in Oklahoma City. Minor proposed his plan, noting that neither of the men had the resources to do it all themselves. But by combining resources, it could happen.

Over the 2012 and 2013 racing seasons, the pair began to form an alliance, starting with a targeted driver development program, under the direction of crew chief Garry Stephens, in the USST series to refine and develop Minor’s driver skills to a level capable of NASCAR racing.

“Early in 2012 the pair began acquiring the assets necessary to go NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Racing all while I still had not received clearance from NASCAR to drive in one of its top series,” Minor said. “We bought a couple of race trucks, engines, and set up shop in Oklahoma City.”

At the end of 2013, after a long application and approval process, Minor was able to get his NASCAR clearance and license as a driver with the condition that he started at Martinsville Speedway under the strong evaluation of NASCAR pending further approval.

Minor’s next race is scheduled to be at Gateway Speedway in St. Louis on June 14, and then possibly Iowa Speedway July 12. Minor said things can only go up from here and he is looking forward to the challenge.

“We are a group of average guys who said, ‘Hey, why can’t we do this?’” Minor said. “We’re the common man’s team, so to speak, and it seemed the fans at Martinsville appreciated that and gave us a great reception.”

Being the proverbial low man on the totem pole, he can offer sponsors top billing on his truck. Find Minor and his team on Facebook at; on Twitter at; or on the team’s website at