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May 21, 2013

Building on faith

Weatherford Democrat


BROCK — Barbara Littlepage has let faith lead her life.

After suffering a few financial setbacks in the process of expanding her Praise Pavilion, located off Interstate 20 at the Brock exit, Littlepage let her faith take over, experiencing what she calls “numerous miracles” to expand the site.

“We never had a real plan and it’s like God had it all planned out for us,” Littlepage says of the pavilion and newly constructed Cutting Capital Fellowship center.

Littlepage and her husband, Glenn, bought the 15-acre property in 2005, shortly after the death of Littlepage’s parents. The original idea was to build a steak house, but after the construction of the first pavilion in 2008, Littlepage realized the potential of the area as a worship and events center.

“I come out here everyday and just meditate and pray,” she said. “After wondering what we were going to do [following the first pavilion], I heard a message from God telling me it was time to build.”

Using some of her connections and donations from several friends, two more pavilions went up, along with a fountain containing the 10 Commandments, as well as a donated statue from Autumn Ater and the Hole in My Heart Ministry.

“God provided when we couldn’t,” Littlepage said.

Less than a month ago, Littlepage and her husband were able to complete their new Cutting Capital Fellowship, opening doors to the building public during the April 21 dedication service.

“The idea of it was really to be a reception hall, but I knew it should be something more than that,” she said. “I’m not a religious person but I’m very spiritual, and I named it a fellowship because it’s not just about religion but praising God.”

Pastor Robert Morris, of Gateway Church in Southlake, offered his services to conduct the worship ceremonies. Littlepage said that close to 120 people showed up for the dedication service last month.

Cutting Capital offers services every Sunday at 1 p.m. Visitors are encouraged to bring basket lunches to eat at one of the various picnic tables on the property.

“The reasons we decided to have the sole service at 1 p.m. was so that people like me, who need a little extra rest, can still come and praise God,” Littlepage said.

The venue is also available to rent for events such as reunions and weddings. Littlepage has already rented to facilities out for two weddings, the first April 20.

Guests can take advantage of the church, which doubles as an event hall, as well as two bedrooms with bathrooms and a washroom.

For more information on the Praise Pavilion or Cutting Capital Fellowship, contact Littlepage at 817-829-5930 or go to