Weatherford Democrat

March 31, 2013

Christians celebrate a day of renewed life

Weatherford Democrat


“Jesus Christ Is Risen Today. Alleuia!”

Many churches across Parker County will be singing those words later today in celebration of Easter. While many consider Easter the time for new clothes, bonnets and egg hunts, Easter is considered by Christians to be one of the two major holidays in the liturgical year, the resurrection of the risen Lord three days after being crucified.

It is also considered the final victory over death for Christians. Weatherford’s Northside Baptist Church will be doing a special program titled “Death In His Grave” at services today. Pastor Van Houser said when Jesus Christ was resurrected by the Lord, He took away the power of death forever and negated Satan’s power.

“We take for granted the fact that people truly understand Easter and that’s not always the case,” Houser said.

First United Methodist Church of Weatherford Pastor Glenn Jones said that pews will be full this day because of the holiday and people wanting to show their true belief in the victory over death that the resurrection showed. His message today is titled “Irreversible.”

“Many approach death as an irreversible condition and it’s not,” Jones said. “Through the miracle of Christ’s resurrection, it has been shown there is life after death.”

Some churches, however, will be treating this Sunday as they do every Sunday. Evangelist John Herrington, with North Main Church of Christ, says service today will be no different than any other Sunday.

“We will be celebrating the preaching of the full gospel the baptism, death, burial and resurrection of our Savior,” Herrington said. “It’s something we do every Sunday and a constant reminder of the death, burial and ascension of Him.”

Herrington said things are kept “simple. Just like the teachings of the New Testament.” Herrington said what unites members of his church and, hopefully all Christians, is the “saving message of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

While Janice Templeton of Peaster was at Target Thursday buying items for a small, family Easter egg hunt, she and her family will be in church this morning celebrating the Easter service. She says her church, St. Stephen’s Catholic Church in Weatherford, gets very crowded during the Easter celebration and says she wishes churches would be that full every week.

“Easter and Christmas are where all the closet Catholics, who only go during Easter and Christmas, come out and it’s really very sad,” Templeton said. “God doesn’t just watch over us on certain days and we need to be the same way.”

Jim Townsend admits he’s not the Christian he should be, but says he was taught the Lord is kind and forgiving and believes in that in his own way.

“Christ went up into his Father’s loving arms (Friday) and wiped away death just like that,” Townsend said. “I can appreciate that and don’t need to be in church with total strangers to celebrate it. I can do that on my own.”