Weatherford Democrat

April 20, 2013

Q&A: Springtown ISD, Place 3

Weatherford Democrat

— Springtown ISD Place 3 Trustee incumbent Vicky Trichel is seeking re-election to a new three-year term, opposed by challenger Jay Grubis. The Democrat asked candidates in local contested city council and school district races to answer questions, limiting their answers to 300 words per question with a deadline to submit their responses. Early voting begins April 29.

Name: Vicky Trichel

Age: 42

Occupation: In addition to raising three sons, I am an active volunteer for Springtown Methodist Church, the Chamber of Commerce and Springtown ISD. I work with many different organizations such as PTA, TMSCA, Band Backers and football concessions and on the individual campuses.

Family: Married to Gerry for 20 years. We have three sons: Grant and Garrison attend SMS and Gage attends SIS.

Why are you running for school board?

As a certified teacher, I know the importance of a strong education. Serving on the school board allows me to be involved in the future of our school system and our students. I am proud to be an advocate for our students, staff and community.

Any prior experience running for office?

I have been a school board trustee for three years.

Are there any changes you’d like to see implemented if you serve?

The current state testing mandates have made it very difficult on our local school districts due to the lack of funding. The passing of HB 5, which reduces end-of-year testing from 15 exams to five, indicates the members of the Legislature are listening to our concerns. We need to continue to work together to ensure proper funding for our district.

We need to ensure our students are readied for success when they graduate. Today’s colleges and workplaces rely heavily on technology. I would like to supplement the students’ current education with more hands-on technology. In addition to our great computer labs, students could benefit from additional technology. This could be accomplished by using the Instruction Materials Allotment to purchase some classroom sets of tablets for each campus.

The move from 4A to 3A has been very positive for Springtown. This year’s tremendous success should encourage more students to join extra-curricular groups. SISD needs to continue offering diversified activities because the more involved and invested students are in their education, the more successful they will be in life.


Name: Jay Grubis

Age: 40

Occupation: Self-employed building contractor

Family: wife Missy, children son Kyle and daughters Jaylee and Jayden.

Why are you running for school board?

I have lived in Springtown my entire life. My wife Missy’s family have been in Springtown five generations. My pride and love for this town and school is enormous. So I am running to try and bring a common-sense approach to the Springtown School Board.

Any prior experience running for office?


Are there any changes you’d like to see implemented if you serve?

I would like to see more discussion and deliberation of issues of the education of our children. If I am elected I have several concerns over areas of CSCOPE that I would like to address. I have not run for office in the past. But I have owned my own business for more that 20 years. I will use my business experience to help to improve the board for our children’s education.