Weatherford Democrat

February 25, 2014

Revamping Camp Holland

Weatherford Democrat


If there’s one thing you can say about Micah Brownlee, it is that he is driven.

Over the last three years he has thrown himself feet first into being a Boy Scout, having gathered all but two of the badges needed to qualify for his Eagle Scout badge. During a camping trip to Camp Holland at Holland Lake Park with his former troop, the now disbanded Troop 1136, the 14-year-old homeschooled ninth grader saw a leaning flagpole at the facility and vowed to do something about it.

He contacted his former Scoutmaster Andy Hough and said he wanted to do something big. Brownlee has seen a number of Eagle Scout projects and admitted they looked “small” in his mind. During the trip, the Scouts began cleaning out the cabins at the facility and found a number of items they were able to use as gear, Brownlee said. Brownlee began his project about a year ago, working with city officials to get the project started. Wanting to exceed expectations, he asked his dad Baron, an engineer, to draw up some plans on a three-flagpole area near the front of the facility. 

Over the last several weeks, city parks and recreation staff drilled holes for the poles themselves. After that was done, Brownlee and former troop members, along with Brownlee’s dad and brother, have been having pouring concrete, laying flagstone and getting the project underway. The flagpoles were set Saturday morning.

The cost for the project was estimated at around $6,000. Brownlee organized a fundraiser dinner to raise the funds for the project and admits, despite all the hard work, it has been an experience.

Weatherford Grounds Maintenance Supervisor Gary Miller, who was on site Saturday, praised Brownlee on the project, saying it was definitely one of the more technical Scout projects he has seen.

Brownlee said he only has to get his hiking and cooking badges before he writes up his Eagle Scout project report and is able to get his badge.

“It has been quite fun,” Micah Brownlee said. “The hardest thing about it was organizing, as this has been a lot of work getting the paperwork together, making sure the fundraiser was taken care of. My dad’s been a lot of help, though.”

His dad downplays his own role, however.

“He told me what he wanted and I drew it out,” Baron Brownlee said. “This has been all him.”