Weatherford Democrat

April 15, 2014

Fund set up for family after losing home

Weatherford Democrat


Two streets down and hours after many members of the East Parker County community gathered April 5 to present a new home built with donations to a local family in need, another family in the West Oak subdivision lost their home to a fire and is now in need of support from the community. 

A fund has been set up to benefit Kenneth Pool and his two children who lost their home and possessions in a fire the night of April 5. 

Pool said he had no insurance on the mobile home in the 1400 block of Terry Drive just outside Willow Park that he shared with his 16-year-old son and 18-year-old daughter. 

The fire, believed by the Parker County fire marshal to have started accidentally due to a partially blocked clothes dryer vent, quickly claimed the house, and the family lost everything, including his pet cat and its kittens, according to Pool. 

Within minutes of smelling smoke, the fire engulfed the laundry room, kitchen and dining room, Pool said, adding that after calling for help, he attempted to use a garden hose to extinguish it but was slowed by kinks in the hose and the house was gone by the time he was able to spray water on the fire. 

Some in the community have helped Pool but the family is still facing some significant needs. 

Pool said he is currently staying in his parents’ home in Benbrook while his family is out of state but will need to need to find another place to live in a few months, as well as come up with the significant cost to remove the remnants of the burned home. 

The Red Cross provided a couple of gift cards for gas and other immediate expenses and The Center of Hope has donated more excellent quality clothes than he has owned in his life, Pool said, adding that the organization has offered to provide furniture, as well, when they have a place to put it.

School for the teens has been affected, as well. 

His son’s band director has given his son a trumpet to use in place of the $3,000 instrument the family lost in the fire but his daughter, who is attending junior college, lost her textbooks, according to Pool. 

The fire has also led to medical bills for Pool. 

Pool, who is disabled after several heart attacks and hasn’t worked in five years, said he spent three days in the hospital following the fire due to smoke inhalation and concern about his heart. 

Any help would be appreciated, Pool said. 

Those who want to help can contact Pool at  (817) 885-9312 or donate at any First Convenience Bank, account no. 444084875, with branches located in Wal-Mart and Kroger stores. The account routing number is 111906271 for those who wish to transfer money to the benefit account.