Weatherford Democrat

April 29, 2014

Weatherford ISD continues work on district assessment

Weatherford Democrat


Weatherford ISD trustees were given two large notebooks full of a draft assessment of the school district’s facilities Thursday night but there’s more left to do.

By the time architecture and engineering firm Huckabee is finished with the assessment, the district and Weatherford community should have an enormous amount of information on the state of the buildings where Weatherford ISD students are learning. 

It’s an overwhelming amount of information and will take a lot of time to digest, trustees were told. 

Representatives of Huckabee presented an introduction to the draft, which primarily evaluates buildings occupied by students, going over some of the information collected about Crockett Elementary, a representative school studied by Huckabee and three other companies with expertise in various areas.

Serving about 7,700 students, the district has 17 facilities, totaling approximately 1.5 million square feet and the average facility age is 32 years, according to the presentation. 

Huckabee praised Weatherford ISD’s maintenance staff, stating that they’ve seen many other school districts whose older facilities are not as well maintained. 

“They’ve lived longer than they should have,” Huckabee’s Tim McClure told the board. 

The next step in the assessment is obtaining lots of input, both from the staff and community, trustees were told. 

The board should receive a completed copy of the assessment at their May meeting, McClure told the school district, adding that they would return to discuss the assessment when trustees have had some time to digest the report.