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November 29, 2013

Math and science genuises

Weatherford Democrat

The Poolville Junior High School Math and Science Team competed at Forte Junior High in Azle Nov. 16. The team took 19 students to compete in four events. 

Individuals ribbons were given through 20th place and team trophies were given for first and second place. Individuals competed against students their same grade. Team scores are given for each event using the top four individual scores.  A total of 10 other schools, including some large schools from Dallas, competed in the event.

The Poolville Junior High team took third place in Calculator.

Individual results were:


Eighth Grade

• Dawson Harris competed on all four events and had the top science score for our team. 

• Christopher Tunnell placed 20th in Number Sense.


Seventh Grade

• Madelyn Gilmore placed 19th in Number Sense.

• Sarah Kelly placed 15th in Number Sense and 14th in Calculator.

• Valerie Rangel competed in all four events and landed a team spot in Mathematics and Science.

• Logan Spikes placed 16th in Number Sense, 10th in Calculator. 

• Tyler Tunnell placed seventh in Calculator.


Sixth grade                  

• Elijah Batchelor placed 19th in Calculator.


Fifth grade

• Emily Booth placed ninth in Number Sense, 12th in Calculator, 11th in Mathematics and 15th in Science.

• Megan Burnett placed 11th in Number Sense, seventh in Calculator, eighth in Mathematics and 12th in Science.

• Christian Elliott tied for 12th in Number Sense, 16th in Mathematics and eighth in Science.

• Ethan Elliot placed third in Number Sense, fourth in Calculator, fifth in Mathematics and 16th in Science.

• Lexi Heiser placed 15th in Number Sense, 13th in Calculator, 13th in Mathematics, and 19th in Science.

• Brooklyn Hensley placed 16th in Number Sense, seventh in Calculator, 17th in Mathematics and 18th in Science.

• Evan Lang placed eighth in Number Sense, 16th in Calculator and 14th in Science.

• Garret Lokey tied for 12th in Number Sense, 20th in Calculator, and sixth in Mathematics.

• Dalton Sprague placed sixth in Number Sense, fourth in Mathematics and 20th in Science.

• Wyatt Thomas placed seventh in Number Sense, third in Calculator, 14th in Mathematics and 11th in Science.