Weatherford Democrat

May 3, 2013

Food Truck Feed

Lots of food and music on the menu for Saturday’s event

Weatherford Democrat


Food truck aficionados normally forced to go to Fort Worth for their fix can eat locally Saturday as Weatherford has another Food Truck Bash.

Co-sponsored by QXFM and Albertson’s, 10 food trucks featuring all types of cuisine along with a number of bands and artists will converge on the Albertson’s parking lot, 225 E. Spring St., for the event which runs from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. Albertson’s store director Larry Lewis said the initial event in September brought out a good crowd once the evening came on and temperatures cooled off.

“We had the Fred’s (Texas Café) truck having waits of an hour and a half,” Lewis said. “Another truck came in the store and bought $500 worth of food. By the end of the night, two or three of the original six or seven trucks were still in operation, things went so well.”

Almost as soon as the event ended, Lewis began getting questioned on when the next event would take place. Robert Ashford of QXFM contacted Lewis, wanting in on the action.

“He contacted us and said he’d be willing to help us with the event, which is a lot of work,” Lewis said. “It finally clicked with me that Ashford and the radio station would have access to a number of bands and musicians.”

They do and they will as a number of local acts, like Katy Keenie, Scott Sturgeon, Chris Watson and more are expected to perform.

Lewis said if there was a negative about the last truck bash, it was the fact there were no local trucks taking part. That problem has been solved, as both Fire Oak Grill and 2 Outlaws BBQ will be bringing their trucks to the event.

Other returnees from the first truck bash include Fred’s Texas Café, which will be known as Fred’s Smokehouse and is expected to have their famous Diablo Burger, Good Karma, a vegan, gluten-free truck and the popular Slush Works.

Newcomers, other than the two local trucks, include a pair of pub food trucks in Gastrobomber and Three Lions. Oink Moo BBQ will provide a second barbecue choice. Cajun food afficionados can find CajunTailgators. Pompeii features handmade pasta and other Italian goodies with sweet tooth fanatics able to get their fix at Cupcak’n.

Lewis said he has had to turn away trucks to make sure there is enough space for the trucks, music and people.

“We’re still encouraging everyone to bring chairs, but we will have some tables down by the Chamber of Commerce building so people can enjoy their afternoon and evening,” Lewis said.

“We hear it’s going to be bigger than last year but, honestly, we can’t get too much bigger.”

Proceeds from the event go toward the Parker County Health Foundation, QXFM’s Facebook page stated.