Weatherford Democrat

May 7, 2013

Second annual Weatherford food truck bash

Weatherford Democrat


Saturday was a chamber of commerce day ... in more ways than one.

With the weather cooperating, a large crowd enjoyed great food and live music during the 2nd Annual Weatherford Truck Bash at Albertson’s parking lot. QXFM and Albertson’s co-sponsored the event. 

QXFM Director of Operations Robert Ashford said it was only fitting much of the action was taking place outside the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce offices.

“The Chamber’s motto is ‘shop local’ but we believe in entertaining local as well,” Ashford said. “We really wanted to have an event on the local scheme, so people wouldn’t have to go to Fort Worth or Dallas for something like this. The first event was great and we’re hoping to have a better crowd this time.”

Two local restaurants, Fire Oak Grill and 2 Outlaws Barbeque, highlighted the nearly dozen trucks taking part in the daylong event. Entertainment consisted of local favorite Katy Keenie and a number of Fort Worth-area bands, including the Chris Watson band, Whitnye Raquel and Scott Copeland and the Haters.

Fire Oak Grill Owner Eric Hunter said he was approached by the radio station to take part in the event but was under the impression it was a food truck only event. 

Hunter was offering lamb chops along with a venison meatball sandwich with a cheese sauce and was doing fairly brisk business in the early going. Many of the early arrivers said they were from out of town, some coming all the way from Abilene.

“We heard about this on Facebook,” Dominic Gravato, of Abilene, said while tasting a meatball sandwich. “Great looking day for a drive, so we figured we’d come out.”

Steven Green, of Fort Worth, and Jace Gaston, of Arlington, also got word of the event through social media.

The pair shared some red beans and rice from newcomer Cajun Tailgators and said the food was great and the town was even better.

“We kind of got lost finding the place but we got hooked up by some great folks across the street [at the First Monday Trade Grounds],” Green said. “Nice place ya’ll have here.”

Mike Hernandez, of 2 Outlaws, had a number of items, including burgers with honey dijon mustard inside and some special secret seasonings along with turkey legs, baby back ribs, corn and some “smoking guns,” consisting of jalapenos stuffed with three types of cheese and either brisket or sausage, and then grilled.

While there were old favorites at the festivities, such as Slush Works and Good Karma, there were some newcomers, such as Gastro Bomber, which wasn’t even in existence during the last event in September.

“Chief cook and bottle washer” Robert Robbins said he started the truck eight months ago after a downturn in the construction business forced him to try something else. He said he’s working more hours now but enjoys getting out with the public and serving pub-style food with his wife Mindy and son Aaron.

Albertson’s Store Director Larry Lewis said things were going smoothly and he was looking forward to another great event.

“I was wondering if we were going to have enough room for everyone, but we got them in,” Lewis said.