Weatherford Democrat

August 6, 2013

The making of ‘Gallows Road’

Weatherford Democrat


Last week, cast and crew from the Aledo film group turned a Weatherford antique store into the perfect setting for a movie shoot.

Director Bill McAdams, crew and several actors, began filming a few scenes for McAdams’ newest movie, Gallows Road, at Tumbleweed Antiques on North Main St. July 24.

“It’s a story about forgiveness and revenge,” McAdams said. “A man ends up losing his wife and two kids in a fire and then has to debate forgiveness versus revenge. It’s a question about what you would do if something killed your wife and two kids.”

McAdams says the film is mostly a drama, but has an element of innocence where children end up educating adults about life and forgiveness.

The idea behind the script was cultivated back in 1997, when McAdams was working as a stand-in for Matt Damon in the movie ‘Good Will Hunting.’

Needing a small town for the backdrop of his movie, McAdams stumbled upon the town of Aledo when his sister moved there and, after checking out the town, McAdams realized it was the perfect backdrop.

“It’s been a long time coming. It’s hard to make these movies,” McAdams said. “But we want to bring movies to the Fort Worth and the Texas area.”

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