Weatherford Democrat

May 11, 2014

City renames plant after Dr. Paul Phillips

Weatherford Democrat


Dr. Paul Phillips and Municipal Utility Board member James Dickason go back almost 30 years. Dickason said Phillips, a former MUB member, was known for his love of Weatherford and wanting to help the community.

For his hard work and dedication for many projects around the city of Weatherford, Phillips was honored Saturday morning with a rededication of the water treatment plant now named the Dr. Paul Phillips Water Treatment Plant. Phillips passed away last year.

Phillips was the one who had the idea for originally building a water treatment plant on West Lake Drive at Lake Weatherford as a way of protecting the city’s future, Dickason said. In preliminary discussions about the plan, Dickason admitted having some doubts about the location but Phillips and the board eventually won out.

Dickason said it wasn’t the only battle he ever lost to Phillips but admitted he was one of the few people who could say no to Phillips and get away with it.

“He was one of the most forward thinking individuals I ever met,” Dickason said. “He was a man with integrity and honor and of great intellect.”

Dickason told a crowd of about 25, which included members of Phillips’ family, that Phillips brought the idea of a loop around the city and having nearby water lines back in the mid 1990s. That dream is coming to fruition as construction nears completion on the Ric Williamson Memorial Highway.

Dickason also said Phillips was instrumental in helping East Parker County cities get water as well. 

Weatherford mayor Dennis Hooks said Phillips was deserving of the honor.

“There has never been a person that did more for the city than Dr. Paul Phillips,” Hooks said. “We wouldn’t enjoy the quality of life that we have here without him. It’s our honor to have his name on the plant.”

Following the ceremony, attendees had a chance to tour the plant.