Weatherford Democrat

March 8, 2014

Suspect who fled trial gets prison terms upon return

Weatherford Democrat


A man who walked out of his trial and fled to the Midwest when a judge ordered a urinalysis test was sentenced to a lengthy stay in prison Monday for bail jumping.

Eric Wayne Nuncio, 28, pleaded guilty to credit or debit card abuse and bail jumping and received prison sentences of 14 years and 25 years, respectively.

Both charges were enhanced because of prior convictions, according to Assistant District Attorney Jeff Swain.

Nuncio had been released from jail on $7,000 bond a couple of months prior when he took off on Aug. 17.

“He fled when we were in the middle of court,” Swain said. “The judge wanted him to take a urinalysis test and he said that he would pass and he walked out in the hall because that’s where the probation officer would meet them. And he kept on walking.”

Nuncio walked out the door and courthouse security, who did not know the man was not allowed to leave, saw the man running down Elm Street, according to Swain.

“He was gone for a couple months,” Swain said. “They tracked him down. We went and extradited him and they had to pick him up from Des Moines, Iowa. So he went a long way. That’s not a part of the country we have to go and get many people from.”

Records show Nuncio has a lengthy list of convictions in Parker County, including for aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, theft, evading arrest, prohibited weapon and possession of marijuana.