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March 11, 2014

Cheryl D. (Dixie) Harrison

Weatherford Democrat

— Cheryl D. (Dixie) Harrison, 54, passed away Saturday, Feb. 22, 2014. We thank the Lord for our blessings, and Dixie was a blessing to her husband, her children and friends. Our lives were richer for knowing her, and the lives she touched were made better in knowing her. A loyal friend with an open heart, those of you who share this privilege know the breadth and depth of those four simple words. Her loyalty was not easily earned, but once you earned it, she was with you until the end of whatever task was at hand. Whether fighting beside you or cheering from the side, she was ready to help you win. And if winning wasn’t an option, she was there anyway. Laughter ruled her heart, and there were few times when she couldn’t find the humor in just about any situation. Dixie loved her family beyond all measure, without bounds. The fierce love of her family was the focus of her spirit, but it rested on an almost boundless sea of compassion for others. Dixie understood the journey was important. She was an all-in kind of girl with a host of interests that usually involved swords, horses, dragons, poetry, reading and riding motorcycles. But these paled before her passion for her family. And now she is on a new journey to distant shores. And as she’s riding to a new destination, there may be times when the veil thins, and when next you see a glorious sunset, the sky alive with fire, listen carefully to the wind, for you might just here her say, “How cool is that!”

She graduated high school in Summerville, S.C. and later served her country, enlisting in the U.S. Navy. Dixie attended Weatherford College as a student. Later she became an instructor and was employed as the Learning Management System Administrator for Weatherford College.

Memorial services were held on Feb. 28, 2014, at the Weatherford College Fine Arts Center.

She is survived by her husband, Kim; sons, Michael and Jacob; daughters, Darla, Dusti and Mandy; her parents, Matthew and Marion Vacher; brother Matthew Vacher III; and seven grandchildren.


Crystal Heart Unbroken

By Cheryl D. Harrison 

How many times the heart can break 

Is not beknown to man; 

But woman celebrates her fate 

To bend and break again. 

The crystal vase antique, her heart, 

Tumbled, dropped, caressed; 

A spider web tenacious glass, 

Weathered, banal life professed. 

Fingers find the tiny niches, 

Eyes not sharp enough to guess, 

The etch betrays the glistening whole 

Of life that she calls blessed. 


Not a drop of water does it spill; 

Still faithful, loyal, true -- 

Through one small mishap seems to be 

One more it won’t live through. 


You gaze in silent wonder at 

The strength as yet displayed; 

The glow it still returns to you 

As ages wear away.