Dear Editor:

If I were to believe the national media, my greatest risk of serious injury or death is from terrorists, serial killers or street gangs. However, the reality is the riskiest thing I can do is get in an automobile. So-called auto accidents are mostly no accidents at all. They are the result of drivers willingly violating traffic laws.

Judging by our local traffic law enforcement, state and local governments are an accessory to this lawlessness. Our governor has sent hundreds of our highway patrol officers to the border to protect us from Central American children. I would much rather these troopers be returned to the duties they have been trained and paid to do.

I drive in Hudson Oaks and Weatherford daily. I see a half dozen police vehicles in the Hudson Oaks police headquarters parking lot, but I almost never see a driver being pulled over for speeding, running lights or making illegal turns on Highway 80. I’m not asking Hudson Oaks or Weatherford to become another small town speed trap, but surely ticketing drivers driving 15, 20 or even 30 miles over the limit is not too much to ask.

Jacquelyn Cartmill



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