Dear Friends and Aledo ISD voters,

Although I cannot vote in the contest for Aledo ISD school board (since I live in Weatherford ISD), I wish to encourage each Aledo ISD voter to support Cindi Neverdousky for Place 2 as a strong and experienced parent and educator.

I have known Cindi for over 30 years and worked with her in education in the past. I have taught with her in Fort Worth, been on an educational team with her and been her children’s counselor in the Aledo ISD. I know Cindi to be a smart and strong parent as well as a talented and hard-working educator.  She has always been active in the Aledo ISD and community for the 30 years she has lived in Willow Park.

Cindi is well-educated regarding current state laws,  standardized testing, educational techniques, special needs students and facility needs. She will bring a realistic approach to “running a school” from her years as a principal and administrator. Cindi can work both as a team member, or a leader, as needed.

Vote for an experienced educator, Cindi Neverdousky, to add a depth of knowledge from several perspectives of public education to your school board.

Kay W. Davis, M.Ed, LPC(ret.)

Willow Park

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