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April 19, 2013

Letters to the Editor – April 19, 2013

Weatherford Democrat

Opposed to WISD bond

Dear Editor,

I am writing about the proposed Weatherford Independent School District bond coming up on May 11. It has come to my attention that this $107,320,000 bond addresses some issues that the school may need in the coming years.

However, many of the items in this bond are basically a wish list of overpriced, unneeded, budget busters that we as taxpayers should be appalled that they include them.

How can a board that is elected to govern our money expect us to approve such an outrageous sum? It seems that there is an enormous disconnect between the “common taxpayer” and the WISD school board. The rampant mismanagement of our hard-earned tax dollars sees no bounds here. Why are they worried about another track when our teachers are paid some of the lowest wages in the state?

If we want to see how this school board will control the spending of this money, one glaring example is Kangaroo Stadium. The original plan was for a complete overhaul of the entire property at the tune of over $15 million. Look at the visitor’s side!

It is my understanding that the funds acquired from this bond do not have to be used for what they are originally requested. Therefore, the $107,320,000 can be used for anything the administration and board desires.

We should not hand them more taxpayer dollars when they have proven they will not use it for what it has been designated.

Vote against the WISD bond.

Tad Davis, Weatherford

Another writer opposed to bond

Dear Editor,

Our taxes are already out of range for most middle-class citizens. The Department of Education in Washington is working diligently to revive the public schools in America. The decline of them has happened in this country since 2000. We as citizens are burdened with taxation, which makes middle class living, unaffordable.

No more WISD bonds for We the People to pay for. Stop the greed.

Vote no, against on May 11.

Darwin Yeary, Weatherford