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April 24, 2013

Letters to the Editor – April 24, 2013

Weatherford Democrat

Thanks for making Ms. Senior Parker County event a success

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Parker County Committee on Aging, I want to thank Holland Lake Nursing Center, and in particular, Donna Tillman, for the wonderful Ms. Senior Parker County Pageant held April 13.

This pageant is a great event for Parker County and all its citizens. Donna and her group of dedicated workers did an outstanding job. I have to admit this was the first pageant I have attended, but certainly not the last. I was honored to be a judge and please know this was a most difficult job.

All the ladies were so wonderful, it was not an easy task. Congratulations to all the ladies and a special congrats to Mrs. Billie June Cox, the 2013 Ms. Senior Parker County.

This pageant has one specific goal. All the proceeds go to Meals on Wheels at the Senior Center. In the 12 years the pageant has taken place it has provided more than $60,000 for the center. Also, the fall festival this same group hosts has brought in around $40,000. They do raffles, food drives, silent auctions and other donations.

This year the pageant will make around $6,100 and the bedspread that was raffled will bring $1,000 to the building fund. The pageant will bring to the center $7,100 this year. Thank you so much.

Thank you seems so very little to say, but a big thank you to Donna, her group of great workers, the ladies of the Senior Parker County Pageant and to all who participated in this event. There were many businesses who donated time, gifts and their name to make this work. Mark Riley was a great emcee for the event, as he has been from the very beginning.

Prissy Neely, chair, Parker County Committee on Aging

Support for WISD incumbents

Dear Editor,

I always appreciate those who seek elected office in our community and commend them for their desire to serve.

With several candidates to choose from in the upcoming Weatherford ISD Board of Trustees election, I urge every registered voter to vote and to make their choice wisely. My decision to vote for Ashley Conlon, Charlie Martinez and Gail Wirtanen is based on my evaluation of their service both as incumbents and their passion as volunteers in many areas of our community.

As a former educator, I understand the challenge of managing a public school system during a time when state funding has been dramatically reduced. These three have made critical decisions to provide the best education possible while at the same time making millions of dollars in budget cuts. They have also acted wisely and boldly in their plan for addressing facility, security and program needs to continue to make Weatherford schools the best they can possibly be. As the district continues to meet these and other challenges, it is imperative that experience be a factor in selecting our school board members for the next few years.

While I do not know those who challenge the incumbents personally, I do know that Ashley, Charlie and Gail are active in many areas of service to Weatherford and Parker County. Ashley Conlon has a passion for WISD as a second-generation graduate of WHS and daughter of Susan and Jim Duncan, who were her role models as a teacher and a community leader. She is proud of her education in Weatherford schools and desires to show her appreciation through her service as a board member.

Charlie Martinez is one of the outstanding leaders of our community and serves in many organizations in addition to being WISD board president.

Gail Wirtanen served eight years as a PTA president and was active on several WISD committees prior to her decision to serve on the board.

Together, these three community servants have used their training to become the best school board in the State of Texas. Being selected as Outstanding School Board of Texas is not an honor to be taken lightly and requires proof of placing service as a board over serving for personal agendas.

The critical decisions that must be made by our school board in the next five years can best be made by those who have the experience and training. Ashley Conlon, Charlie Martinez and Gail Wirtanen do not have to go through a learning curve to accept this challenge. I urge you to join me in voting for them.


Joe Tison, Weatherford