Weatherford Democrat

January 10, 2014

KELLY: What do you think in January 2014?

Weatherford Democrat



Several states have now legalized pot (marijuana). A person must be over 21 to purchase pot at stores licensed to sell it.

I heard on the radio that in the first week of legal sales in Colorado young students were found with bags of pot sold to them via the black market. The pot was purchased legally and then resold at a big profit to those too young to purchase it on their own.

This is not unexpected because we have people who do the same exact thing with alcohol. This type of thing is very difficult to eliminate, but several things could be done to minimize it. One would be to arrest the final purchaser, the user, and give them a very large fine for the first arrest and double the fine for subsequent offenses. Jail time would not be required of the user, but would be for the reseller.

The second would be to vote out these politicians who have little common sense in this matter and who favor the legalization of drugs. We should not vote into office any man or woman who favors the legalization of drugs for Texans. What do you think?

Animal shelters

This is amazing to me. North Richland Hills is considering building a 10,000-square-foot animal shelter at an estimated cost of up to $4.96 million. I believe in taking care of animals, but do we need a Waldorf Astoria to do so?

I read in the papers every day about children going to bed hungry every night, about the number of unemployed workers, about families losing their homes and about the shortage of food supplies in the food banks. I think politicians should get their priorities into proper perspective when considering the use of our tax money for projects affecting our communities. What do you think?

Foreign involvements

It appears as if our state department has been, as usual, not very successful in its dealings with foreign countries, especially in the Far East.

To name a few, we read daily about bombings, elections interference, Christian churches being destroyed, Christians and Jews being murdered and civil wars taking place in countries such as Syria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and some countries I never heard of.

Our American soldiers, diplomats and citizens are being killed or arrested and held for no known reason while our state department does very little to alleviate the situation. In fact, it is either lied to or ignored completely by the culprits. We need to stop trying to buy friends and let these rogue countries destroy themselves from within – it’s their choice. What do you think?


I read that millions of dollars in shopping coupons that could save families are not being used. Why is this? Is it because women in the workplace cannot find the time to clip coupons? Is it because they do not buy the newspaper in which the coupons are printed or do not use the computer to find them? Perhaps it is because they do not need these savings in their budget.

I do know, from observation in the store, that people with those food-assistance cards very seldom present coupons to the cashier.

I decided to check this out to find out if the money savings were worth the time spent in clipping the coupons. I clipped the coupons from the Sunday paper and then checked the grocery ads from the stores. The store I selected had sale prices on products I always use, and I also had coupons for many of those products. The receipt for my purchase indicated that I had bought $57 worth of products and had total savings of $58.

I believe we could all reduce our food budget if we would take advantage of the coupons published by the manufacturer, plus the sale prices on the same items. What do you think?

William J. Kelly is a Weatherford resident and frequent contributor to Viewpoints.