Weatherford Democrat

October 22, 2012

Letters to the editor, Sunday, Oct. 21


— Writer makes wrong assumption about Israel racism

Dear editor,

Mr. Stevens accuses Israel of being a ‘racist’ country (“Why attack Iran and consider Israel an ally?,” Oct. 12 Viewpoints). It would be of some interest to know how he accounts for the fact that there are Israeli Arabs but no Palestinian Jews.

Wm. Picou,


Thanks to Grace In Action

Dear editor,

I would like to say how much I appreciate the volunteers at Grace In Action. They are the nicest people.

Thank you very much.

Norma Jean Mitchell,


Volunteers needed to help promote GOP vote in Florida

Dear editor,

Thank you Parker County! We have volunteers campaigning all over Texas plus volunteers campaigning for Romney/Ryan in Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin and Florida. If you want to help with the campaign to take back the White House, there is a place for you!

The Allen West for Congress Campaign has chartered a bus to go to Florida that leaves from Weatherford on Oct. 31, returning on Nov. 7. Housing will be provided by the West Campaign. Volunteers that would like to go to Florida to campaign for Congressman Allen West, United States Senate candidate Connie Mack, and the Romney/Ryan team will be welcomed in Florida to block walk, make calls, help at headquarters and turn out the Republican vote. If you are interested in being a part of the team that helps win in Florida, call Parker County Republican Chair Zan Prince at 817-594-5029 or email, Let’s fill up the bus and win Florida! Let’s be a part of the solution to retire President Obama!

Zan Prince,

Parker County Republican Party Chairwoman

Commissioners should think about taxpayers, not just votes

Dear editor,

As a voter and a taxpayer of Precinct 3, I think [Commissioner John] Roth should go to this conference (“Bickering commissioners deny Roth reimbursement,” Sept. 30 Weatherford Democrat). Also, the paper should have printed the cost of the trip just to show how much they were bickering about and how petty it was.

Now they said just one clean up day per year that it costs too much — they just approved a $47 million budget. I bet there is some pork in that baby.

If they want to talk about real money, let’s talk about going to a unit road system. This precinct system is outdated. I would like the paper to print a list of equipment in each precinct just to show the duplication there is.

The biggest drawback that a commissioner has is they worry about the vote, not the taxpayer.

A good example — when the sheriff wanted to privatize the jail he did not worry about the vote, he was thinking of the taxpayer. It went through like grease through a goose, like someone said that they were swatting gnats and alligators eating their legs off.

Billy Cain,


Voters need to watch polls for suppression

Dear editor,

Again, voters voting in Parker County’s 44 precincts need to be aware of the Tea Party movement called “True the Vote,” which could be in your voting precinct location during early voting Oct. 22 through Nov. 2 and also on Election Day, Nov. 6.

This organization is planning on challenging votes cast by the elderly, the disabled and people of color in order to suppress the vote against President Obama. Although federal law has suspended the requirement of a photo ID in many states any verbal attempt to stop or challenge minorities’ votes is possible by this extreme right wing of the Republican party.

It is very important that Democrats all over Parker County volunteer as poll watchers at voting locations throughout this county. Calling the voting administration office and possibly the police department if voter suppression is observed against any vulnerable minority voter is needed.

Although the federal Justice Department has been called requesting observation by federal inspectors here, the public is greatly needed to spot suspicious manipulation of electronic voting, especially the insertion of semi-cards into the central tabulators at each polling place and moving voting machines in transport to each polling place from the Courthouse Annex on Santa Fe Drive in Weatherford, then returning  them at the end of Election Day on Nov. 6.

The main reason for taking these precautions is that not one Democratic office has been elected in Parker County since the arrival of the electronic voting machines in 2005 and the arrival of the voting registrar employed there.

Darwin Yeary,