Weatherford Democrat

October 29, 2012

Letters to the editor, Sunday, Oct. 28


— Something seems wrong about company moving icebergs

Dear editor,

There is a company called Dassault Systemes from France that, in my opinion, is engaged in a questionable, if not shady endeavor to transport icebergs by ship and other means to various locations for a water supply.

Their advertisements are probably not given much attention because of the ongoing debates and other election activities. Their claim is water solutions for the world. I believe they are nothing more than thieves and fortune hunters.

The icebergs belong to the Earth and to the seas, and to the creatures that use them for shelter and safe havens and a host of other natural activities. The loss of (or “removing”) icebergs adversely affects oceanic and atmospheric temperatures — I thought we were all in for the “green” agenda.

Bill Bush,


McGovern’s legacy also included nutrition committee

Dear editor,

Last Sunday, we lost former U.S. Senator George McGovern. Although many will recall his disastrous 1972 loss to Richard Nixon and his subsequent leadership in getting us out of Vietnam, his truly lasting legacy will be his war on hunger and malnutrition.

In 1977, following extensive public hearings, McGovern’s Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs published Dietary Goals for the United States, a precursor to today’s Dietary Guidelines. It marked the first time that a U.S. government document recommended reduced meat consumption.

The meat industry forced the committee to destroy all copies of the report and to remove the offending recommendation from a new edition. It then abolished the committee, voted McGovern out of office and warned government bureaucrats never to challenge meat consumption again. (Food Politics by Marion Nestle, 2007).

Yet, after 35 years of studies linking meat consumption with elevated risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and other killer diseases, the MyPlate icon, representing USDA’s current Dietary Guidelines for Americans, recommends vegetables, fruits, and grains, but never mentions meat, and shunts dairy off to one side. (

And it all started with one brave senator from South Dakota.

Wilson Crowley,


Cutting corporate taxes will likely not help Americans

Dear editor,

Let’s look at the myth “the government punishes success” — the Wall Street Journal calls those who don’t pay income tax the “lucky duckies.”  

These are the folks who have menial jobs that pay less than $9,750 a year — single moms, soldiers in Afghanistan, disabled veterans and the elderly whose Social Security benefits are too low to be taxed.   Aren’t they lucky! However, they pay billions of dollars in federal payroll and excise taxes.

Then there is the right wingers’ gnashing of teeth over the 35 percent tax rate of corporations. It is a job killer and stifler of economic growth and the second highest rate in the world. A reality check puts us in the second lowest tax payments in the world!

What? This cannot be. Well, corporate lobbyists have given a plethora of loopholes to the wealthy and corporations. Thirty of these giant U.S. corporations paid 0 — that’s right — zero taxes during the last three years.  

Did any of these create jobs? Sure. How much can you find in your house that says made in USA?  

The CEOs of corporations are sitting on more wealth than in the history of corporations. The myth is if we give the super rich more they might create a job in the U.S., someday, maybe!!

A personal note: My father lived the American dream! He dropped out of high school to work and help his father support their family. You could say he was a self-made man. He worked hard, was honest and became very successful. Did he have help? He would be the first to say, you betcha! He worked for the CCC building roads, bridges, state parks, schools, etc. The government was investing in our country to bring it out of the Great Depression.  

Long story short — just being an American was his help. He would never have been the success he was in any other country. He owned a small business that gave me an education and an opportunity for my mother and father to travel and see the world. My father was an adventurer, a risk taker and a Yellow Dog Democrat!!

I’m well educated, a professional woman, seen a good part of the world, care deeply about the environment and people — we have an obligation to take care of the earth and those less fortunate!

Republicans call that socialism, I call it Christianity. It’s also called being a Democrat!

Nancy Harris,


Weatherford ISD policy for cheering on disabled children seems wrong

Dear editor,

It is an anti-American decision made by the WISD to make it impossible to watch and cheer on kids with handicaps unless you have a child “currently” enrolled in a Parker County school.

You have to go through the “volunteer process and get approved” just to sit in the stands and cheer the kids on.

This school district has gone down to the lower side of humanitarianism and disallowed seniors to cheer on the future leaders in public.

I have lived here 45 years, am a graduate of WHS ‘71 and can’t go to a public event? Is this for just the special need kids in our district or statewide? I don’t feel like I can donate to this school curriculum any longer.

Walter Browning,