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July 23, 2012

Letters to the editor, Sunday, July 22

— Children's prayer meant a lot

Dear editor,

Today while shopping at Weatherford Walmart I had the greatest thing ever to happen to me. Five young children ages ranging from 11 to maybe 14 — three girls and two young boys — asked if they could pray for me.

I’m in a wheelchair, but nothing has ever happened to me like this, ever. I was so astonished and so very blessed by the children. They each laid their hands on me, and the young man that asked held my hand, and they all five began to pray their own words in prayer for me.

After I thanked and hugged each and everyone of them, they went on their way and my eyes filled with tears because these children are CHILDREN OF GOD, and they were awesome.

I just had to share this with folks because one of them may have been your child and I just want you to know that those children are doing good works. I appreciate them taking time out to ask me if they could pray for me.

Connie Dykes,


Festival is fine, doesn't need government intervention

This is in reply to Darwin Yeary’s letter printed in Friday’s paper (“Festivals should be revised due to weather, health” July 13, Viewpoints).

I wonder if Mr. Darwin Yeary realizes that the City of Weatherford does not put on the Peach Festival. The Peach Festival is put on by the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce. The Weatherford Chamber of Commerce spends a great deal of money renting fencing, porta-potties and other items, as well as paying to have the roads closed for the day. Last time I checked, the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce did not have a money tree sitting outside their office. I’m sure they would be more than willing to make the event free to local residents if Mr. Yeary would cover their costs to put on the Peach Festival.

The Peach Festival in July will be hot! It is July in Texas! Christmas on the Square in December may or may not be cold. It is to be hoped our parents/guardians taught us how to dress for hot or cold weather.  

How in the world did people live here before air conditioning and central heat? (And they did manage to live here for many years without those wonderful modern conveniences!) I, for one, do NOT need some government entity (Mr. Yeary’s suggestion was the City of Weatherford) to tell me it is too hot to do something outside or it is too cold to do something outside. I can figure that out all on my own-my parents instilled common sense into me. I do not need a government nanny-state telling me when I’m too hot. If people do not have enough sense not to get too hot or too cold, let them suffer the consequences. It is a novel thing called personal responsibility, and it seems to be very rare these days. That extends to people who have children-they are responsible for their children, and should use the same common sense. If you feel it is too hot to go to the Peach Festival, then don’t go, but don’t stop someone else from going and enjoying the day by wishing upon us your government nanny-state! If you feel Christmas on the Square is too cold and dark (last year it started in mid-afternoon-full daylight for many hours), stay home, but please let the rest of us enjoy it if we wish to do so. It is called liberty!

By the way, it would be rather goofy to have a Peach Festival when the peaches weren’t in season, don’t you think?

Karmann Goff,


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