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August 21, 2013

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: traveler finds local transmission angels

Weatherford Democrat

Transmission angels

Dear Editor,

Recently I had an occasion to drive through Weatherford on my way to New Mexico from my home in Lafayette, La.

While in Weatherford, the transmission on my GMC Yukon started slipping and clunking into gear, and a “Check Engine” light came on. Of course, I had a major “aw shucks” feeling, not knowing where to turn, especially because I knew nothing about mechanical issues.

I stopped in at the local Firestone shop, but they advised me they did not do transmission work. When I asked if there was any shop they could recommend, they advised that Weatherford had the “best transmission shop” in the country and, by coincidence, the owner of that shop just happened to be seated in the lobby, as he pointed to a gentleman behind me. I then had the pleasure of meeting Greg Ducato, the owner of Phoenix Transmission Products.

I explained to Mr. Ducato what had happened and asked him if he could help me. As bad as the situation appeared, he tried to reassure me that there might be several minor solutions to the problem, other than replacing the transmission. He then directed me to his shop at 1304 Mineral Wells Highway.

With great anxiety I made it to his shop. The manager listened to my story and said they would be able to take a look at it immediately. I left to have breakfast, and prepare myself for the probable bad news upon my return.

When I returned about an hour later, curiously, my truck was parked away from the building. I went inside to see what they had determined. The manager said they had checked it out and felt that it was simply a “computer glitch.” They had reset the engine light and test drove it. He said I was “good to go” and there was “no charge.”

I was speechless. I had prayed it would be something minor, but never thought it would be nothing! Under the circumstances, it would have been very easy for them to take advantage of the situation, and of me. Of course I was very appreciative, and told them many thanks as I left.

Sure enough, I was able to complete my trip and return home with no further problems. The more I thought about it though, the more amazed I was about what had happened. I wanted to tell everyone about my “Transmission Angels.”

As a business owner myself, I know what level of service I hope to give to my customers. Greg Ducato and his staff at Phoenix Transmission Products obviously know what customer service is, too. Phoenix Transmission is a great company, with great people, and is a great ambassador for the state of Texas, and Weatherford, in particular.

Thanks again!

Steve Gremillion, Lafayette, La.

Focus on domestic problems first

Dear Editor,

What I see when I look at America is pre-fab homes, fast food, a crumbling infrastructure beyond repair and the inescapable hum of fluorescent lights.

I also see a population that still has a misguided sense of “manifest destiny” embedded in their psyche that I believe stems from a twisted and perverse type of bloodlust few are willing to acknowledge exists within them. So maybe I’m wrong here but maybe, just maybe, we should be focusing on our own problems here at home rather than trying to force feed our way of life down the throats of people on the other side of the world.

If we want any sort of future for our grandchildren’s children, we need to fix things here at home. Not elsewhere in the world.

Jesse Caulder, Weatherford

Parker County’s Magic Kingdom castle

Dear Editor,

I have traveled all over the state of Texas and the courthouses in the northern part of this great state are absolutely the most beautiful.

On July 12, your courthouse made quite an impression on my 6-year-old granddaughter. Their family drove from Amarillo to Weatherford for a wedding that weekend. As they drove down State Highway 51 toward the square, my little granddaughter saw the Parker County Courthouse and anxiously asked her mom and dad, “Are we at Disney World?!?”

She was absolutely sure the Parker County courthouse was Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom. They had a hard time convincing her it was not the castle. She was sure they were back at Disney World.

Now, the imagination of a child is a marvelous thing, but for a courthouse to inspire such a notion in a child speaks volumes about the beauty and architecture of this magnificent landmark.

Parker County residents should be very proud of this historic building. It is beautiful, but to one 6-year-old girl from Amarillo, it is Cinderella’s castle in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

Lanny M. Covey, Snyder

Random acts of kindness thanked

Dear Editor,

My sincere thanks to the lady in the black SUV who waited and offered to take me anywhere I needed to go after my car accident in the 200 block of Adams Drive near McAlister’s.

Also, thanks to the kind words of a lady named Sandy, the man in the camo shirt who was a witness and stayed to speak to police and to anyone else who showed thoughtfulness.

God Bless each of you. You are wonderful examples of “stepping up when needed.”

I will not forget your kindness.

Nadine Rayborn, Weatherford