Weatherford Democrat

September 4, 2013

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Syria dilemma

Weatherford Democrat

The Syria dilemma

Dear Editor,

When President Obama announced he was going to order military action against Syria’s dictator, he knew the Republicans would scream and criticize.

He knew, from many past examples, if he did nothing right wing hawks would call him weak and giving up America’s place in the World. If he orders a limited attack, not exposing servicemen to injury and death, John McCain and Lindsey Graham would attack him on doing too little, which they have already done.

If he ordered a massive attack of air and sea forces, all but a small part of the Republican Party would attack him for violating the constitutional stated right of Congress to declare war. Additionally, a vast majority of Americans would just see the beginning of another endless war in the Middle East.

President Obama brilliantly chose a plan that forced the Republicans and Democrats to actually share in the responsibility for a limited attack on Syria’s military. When the Congress reconvenes next week they cannot avoid to individually and collectively vote for or against taking action.

It will be fun to watch the super hawks try to justify their vote to attack among their libertarian and isolationist Tea Party supporters, as well as liberal congressmen’s defense for their vote either way. Not one senator or representative in the House will not suffer politically, no matter which way they vote. It will really be fun in the House, when the leadership tries to bring in a bunch of wing nuts that vote against any legislation associated with the president.

But, what is really important is not the political circus, it is the choice that is required by our self-proclaimed mission as a positive and moral force in the world. All informed persons know if the democracies let Syria use weapons, which have been outlawed by the entire world for almost 100 years, there will be no legal or moral grounds to stop the next bloody dictator from using even more destructive weapons against their perceived enemies, at home or around the world.

Syria has punched a small hole in the dam that prevents our entire species from self-destruction. That small and distant leak, if left unplugged, could start the flood that could destroy us all. Thank God we have a man in the White House that recognizes the real issue, and is willing to act.

Dennis Tilly, Weatherford