Weatherford Democrat

November 26, 2012

Letters to the editor, Sunday, Nov. 25


— The Fair Tax Plan is the answer

Dear editor,

The income tax creates a stagnant economy for the United States. Companies have moved overseas to give their investors a tax advantage. They will not return to the U.S. until our system gives them an advantage in the world market.

The answer to this is The Fair Tax Plan. It will: eliminate income tax and the IRS, jump-start the economy, bring jobs back to the U.S., capture untaxed dollars currently lost to criminal and offshore businesses, allow you to keep 100 percent of your paycheck, let you save all the money you want and pay taxes only when you spend it, eliminate taxes you don’t even know you are paying, lower interest rates and make April 15 just another beautiful spring day. If everyone tells their congressman to support HR25, we can turn this economy around as soon as it is enacted.

Roy T Newsom,


Liberal voters act like trick-or-treaters or prodigal sons

Dear editor,

It is hard to tell which one it is, but in either case the end result will be the same for those who want something for nothing and act as either trick-or-treaters or prodigal sons.

The folks that vote for a living are overgrown trick or treaters. They hold out their hands waiting for some one to fill them with goodies. Then they get to the house that has been cleaned out by those ahead of them, and they are upset because the goodies are all gone. When folks get accustomed to getting something that they have not worked for, they think that they are entitled to it.

Best that I remember the Declaration of Independence says that we are created equal and are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights that, among them, these, are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I realize that we don’t all have the same abilities, but the vast majority have a God given talent that can be used to benefit themselves and their fellow man.

I heard a gentleman saying on the radio that there is a shortage of truck drivers. His job was to recruit and train new drivers. He said that 10 applicants were to appear for an interview, only five showed up. He met a gentleman who had lost his job, and he offered him a job, but the fellow said, ‘I’m in no hurry, I’m going to draw my unemployment for a while.’

The parable of the prodigal son in Luke reminds me of those that want what they perceive to be their entitlement. Instead of working, he partied and wasted all of his money. When he realized what a fool he had been, he went back home to his father.

When the father saw him, he told the servants to put a fine robe, shoes and a ring on his finger, and kill the fatted calf. What a great ending for the young man.

The only difference in that scenario, and what will happen when the realization sinks in that Americans fell for the goodies that politicians handed out to gain power, is there won’t be a father to put a robe, shoes or a ring on them.

The reason, is that dear old dad was one of the rich that got his tax raised to support greed. We will all be equal peasants. There won’t be the rich to hate. We will all hate being poor.

What a consolation.

Does it make you ill when you hear liberals say they vote that way for the children? What do they think they are doing to the children of the next generations?

Richard Feuilly,