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June 30, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Reader agrees with Supreme Court's ruling

Weatherford Democrat

Reader agrees with Supreme Court's ruling

Dear Editor,

I agree with the Supreme Court decision that found the 1965 Voting Rights Act obsolete. The act only included 15 states and only guaranteed the voting rights of racial minorities. A new voting rights law should be immediately enacted that applies to all 50 states and all Americans.

The first paragraph of the new law should outlaw the gerrymandering of the House of Representatives voting districts. This anti-democratic practice is used solely to give political advantage to one candidate or party. It is an absolute violation of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights guaranteeing every citizen equality before the law.

The second paragraph should forbid states or local governments from using any practice that makes voting harder for any voter. The access to polling places, the speed of voting and extended early and Election Day hours must allow all citizens an equal opportunity to vote. The burden of proof for voting eligibility should be transferred from the voter to the state, as each person registers to vote. Only persons who the state can prove to be ineligible should be denied the right to vote. It is time to use government to promote voting, instead of the current trend of voter suppression.


Dennis Tilly, Weatherford

Maturing a nation

Dear Editor,

Our nation has celebrated many birthdays, in many kinds of circumstances, and as she celebrates this one designating 237 years of existence, we should each take a look at our individual contributions to keeping her vibrant and strong.

The technology of the media is unsurpassed, and we see and hear of all the calamities, the stresses of debt overload, the divisions amongst us, and the dangers that loom before us. We hear exhorters of alarm telling us we will soon collapse from decay within, and we hear others telling us that evil aggressors have passed us in technology advances, have stolen the best of ours, and have sharpened their swords of conflict and now stand on the threshold of our protective wall of existence.

The greed and lust that now festers in the mind of man is nothing new. The plundering and unlawful taking of other’s commodities is traceable to history’s beginnings. The forceful voice of the power hungry is no louder now than before the event of the flood. The immorality of our nation has found areas of fertile ground to plant its seed, but a pillar of salt marked a city that embraced that philosophy.

So, friend and neighbor as you salute the stars and stripes of a nation created under God and built on a foundation of faith, hope, and trust, may you gain a degree of admiration for the simple farmer who puts in long hours and much hard work to feed a nation who protects him. May you look at the merchant who put his capital at risk to buy products for distribution that makes your life more pleasant, and admire him for his courage. When this parade of citizenry marches by you, look into the eyes of those great men and women who devoted their lives to acquiring the knowledge and the wisdom to use it and trained our children on how to choose a vocation of honor and how to excel in that endeavor.

View the medical complexes that stand in prominence in the landscape of our cities and be thankful astute minds chose the medical profession as a place of service to ease the pain and suffering of their fellow man.

Cast your vision toward the sky and view the aircraft transporting people, goods, and services to points all over the known world and be thankful this great nation knows no equal in the people, goods, and services transported, nor in the planes that carry them. Continue that upward view and be grateful this great nation knows of external evils and has built the protection you see in the military aircraft plying the skies in every direction and on many levels, even into the realm we know as outer space, and has equipped eager men and women to operate those protective pieces of equipment.

Whether land, sea, or air, we have no equal in our ability to design, build, and utilize the tools of trade, protection, and consumption. Be proud of the contingent of military personnel who pass in the parade before you and let you hearts swell with pride in their training, experience, and devotion and know the freedom you cherish is safe because they chose to devote a career in that great service. So friend and neighbor, look among you and be thankful that each of us have something in common.

We are citizens of the greatest country to ever exist, and each of us have contributions we can offer to keep it strong and  healthy and to hand it off to the generation who follows us that we may mature it into the nation the God who authorized its existence will be pleased.

History records that we have made mistakes in our past. Profit by them. It is being written today recording the actions we have taken; let your contribution be worthy of preserving for posterity, that they may benefit from your actions.

No future has been promised, but as surely as the sun rises in the morning and sets it the evening, we must plan for a new day to be born. Plan for that event and purpose that you will be a wise steward and find the true joy of serving others that this great nation will be worthy of its leadership in God’s honor roll of favored nations.

God bless America!

Arnold Pitchford, Weatherford