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April 3, 2013

Letters to the Editor – April 3, 2013

Weatherford Democrat

Re-elect Annetta Mayor Pinckard

Dear Editor,

We have known Bruce Pinckard, the mayor of Annetta, for several years and have worked with him on several projects. We know how he has worked with the members of our community, and have seen what kind of man he is. We were extremely pleased to learn that he has made the decision to run for re-election.

Bruce and his wife are good, Christian people whose integrity has been evident by anyone who has had the good fortune to know them. Watching Bruce as he has dealt with the challenges Annetta has faced this past year, it is evident that he is leaning on the Lord to guide him in important decisions.  Repeatedly, he has shown himself to be a man of character and integrity, and Annetta has been well served by his work as mayor.

Although our home currently falls outside the boundaries of the town of Annetta, we have a vested interest in the outcome of this election, because the town owns our water system. Each time we have gone to Mayor Pinckard with our concerns about this or any issue, he has listened carefully and been responsive to our needs. We know that others in the community – whether they are residents of Annetta or customers of the water system – have been treated with the same courtesy and consideration. This is the type of mayor that Annetta needs. A man who has been involved, who knows the issues and who cares about both its residents and its customers. 

We encourage everyone to get to know Bruce and Denneen, if you don’t already. You will find them to be sincere, dedicated individuals who have been involved in this community for years. Their interest in the people is genuine and has been for many years. Their children go to school here, they are involved in a local church and they give back to our community in many ways.

Please, re-elect Bruce Pinckard mayor of Annetta on May 11th.

Kathryn and Dennis Thompson, Aledo

Help restore state VFD funding

Dear Editor,

Texans can influence the state House budget vote on Thursday, April 4, to recover the $30 million per year that Gov. Perry cut to $7 million, by calling their local representative and by signing an online petition by Wednesday. It may cost five minutes to take action but taking no action could cost your life.

Funds for Texas Volunteer Fire Department Assistance are deposited into a dedicated account that is funded with property insurance premiums, not taxes. Currently the balance is $62,000 but in 2013 VFDs will receive $7 million. By Aug. 30, the balance will be $91.9 million.

In Texas 77 percent of fire departments are volunteer. For most Texas communities and roadways, VFDs are all we have.

Call your representative, be courteous and brief: “Vote for all the Simpson House Amendments that restore Texas volunteer fire department budgets to $30 million per year for 2014-15. Our communities and volunteer firefighters are at risk.”

To sign the online petition go to To find your representative go to For more info email

Ella Havard Fitzbag, Whitewright

How about a

little history?

Dear Editor,

Vice President Biden told a gathering of black Democrats that Republicans want to put you back in chains. The pastor that President Obama chose to deliver the Easter sermon said that the conservative Christian leaders want to move the black folks back to the back of the bus and put women back in the kitchen. My wife wants to know when they left the kitchen.

This is for the illiterate folks that are graduates of government schools. Have you ever heard of Abraham Lincoln? I was taught that he was a Republican and under his leadership the slaves were freed. President Theodore Roosevelt invited Booker T. Washington to dine at the White House on Oct. 16, 1901. He invited Mr. Washington a second time, but there was so much outrage that both men gave up.

Let me speculate. I would venture to say that the opponents of the meetings were of the Democrat persuasion. Roosevelt invited blacks in, President Woodrow Wilson fired 15 out of 17 black supervisors who had previously been appointed to federal jobs, and segregated the rest.

Do you know that Senator John F. Kennedy voted against President Eisenhower’s 1957 civil rights bill? President Truman issued an executive order to desecrate the military, but it took President Eisenhower to put it in effect. There is a difference, in being on paper and being implemented. Are you aware that Martin Luther King and Martin Luther King Jr. were Republicans? Do you know that Condoleezza Rice’s father went to Democratic headquarters to register to vote and was told to get lost, the likes of him was not wanted.

He went to the Republicans and was told to sign on the dotted line, so that is the reason that the Rices are Republicans. Are you aware of the fact that President Johnson passed the civil rights and voting rights acts only because the Republicans supported the bills?

Do you have any idea who sent the 101st airborne troops to Little Rock so the black children could attend the public schools? What about who sent the national guard to Alabama so blacks could attend the University of Alabama? Take a wild guess. A Democrat? Wrong, it was President Eisenhower, a low-life Republican. You know one of those evil Republicans that wants to put you back on the plantation.

If you wake up and do a little research you will find that you are already on the plantation, and it ain’t the fault of Republicans or conservative preachers.

If you have time for facts go to examining black loyalty to Democrats Alfonzo Rachel. It is entertaining and factual.

Richard Feuilly, Weatherford

Eroding civil rights

Dear Editor,

Much news has emerged about drones and their existence to the destruction of our civil rights as citizens of this country.

After a recent news of 168 innocent Middle Eastern women and children dying in a drone strike in the name of a War on Terrorism, many now wonder! Thousands of citizens are now contemplating how far, and how much, our U.S. Constitution is now being shredded.

I am concerned when more government agencies, corporations, and law enforcement begin to spy on American citizens, in the name of making huge profits and arrests. What happens whenever drone skills fall into the hands of white collar criminals, who are seldom prosecuted? Only a year ago, I heard about homemade drones supplying drug dealers over the Mexican border. Suddenly, reports about it stopped.

I believe when governmental agencies and corporate interest realized the value of drones in their profit margin, the corporate media quit reporting about any illegal use of drones.

This has been realized in cities where red light cameras were installed, in the name of controlling “red light runners.” The truth is millions of dollars are gained in city governments in the name of law enforcement. However you will not hear the complaints from citizens who get one half the way through an intersection, then the traffic light turns red, and a ticket for $100 is mailed to the license plate address.

The City of Houston recently removed all red light cameras. If the ticket was not paid, a hold was placed on renewing a car owner’s annual license plate sticker.

Unless the citizens of this country stand up and speak out on the loss of privacy and constitutional rights granted by the founders of this country, there is no stopping of us becoming the drones ourselves, like described in a bee hive, or an ant colony. What a cruse if this technology protects and benefits only those in power.

Darwin Yeary-Weatherford, Weatherford