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October 31, 2013

KELLY: What do you think XV?

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Football bullying

Aledo 91 — Western Hills 0. Because of this lopsided score, some parent filed a bullying report against coach Tim Buchanan of the Aledo Bearcats. What is this world coming to? Winning is bullying? Oh! Winning is all right, just don’t win too big. Just tell your players to not play too hard. That would be a sure way to a future defeat.

I remember when I was 10 or 11 that Notre Dame opened its football season with a game with Drake University. Drake did not play in the top college ranks. Notre Dame, even after playing about six teams down the line, would win with scores of more than 90 points. I often wondered how the Drake players felt about that game. Not a good way to begin the season. The game was always a sell out, so I wonder if money for the Drake football program was involved in the scheduling of those games. Of course bullying by Notre Dame was never considered by anyone at that time, and it should not have been and should not be now against the Aledo Bearcats.

Bullying involves the bully and the person being bullied. The bully is always a coward. The person being bullied is always an insecure person, or a person smaller than the bully who is usually afraid to stand up for himself. There are many kinds of bullies, and most are good at discovering weaknesses in a person who they decide to bully. They enjoy seeing this person suffer from whatever they do to them.

I know today’s school authorities would not publicly agree to how we students handled a bully 70 or 80 years ago. We never went to a teacher or principal; we just took care of things ourselves. We just beat the hell out of the bully and advised him that he would get more of the same if he ever did it again. Believe it or not that always ended his bullying.

That was then, now kids depend on so many third parties to help them solve their problems that I doubt if they would ever think of that solution. I guess it’s different solutions for different times. What do you think?


Have you ever stopped to think about how many times during a day some part of your body bumps in to something? I recently cut my arm and bruised my elbow. I have been as careful as possible to avoid bumping my elbow and wounded arm against anything hard so as not to irritate the cuts. Pain is something I think we all try to avoid.

Guess what? I was suddenly aware that my arm was bumping into everything. From breakfast to lunch one day I counted 37 times my arm touched various things. These were bumps that were probably occurring daily, but I would never have noticed except for my wounded arm and elbow. And that was only one arm! What do you think?

Social Security    

How many times have you heard from some politician that we need to overhaul Social Security because it is running out of money? Have you ever wondered why we never hear that welfare is running out of money? What do you think?

Wash water

I’m sure all of you have wondered where on earth this saying came from, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” It seems that years ago, and also in my lifetime, most people took a bath once a week. There were few indoor bathrooms in homes so the galvanized washtub was called into use on Saturdays. Water was heated on the stove and poured in to the tub, which was usually located in the kitchen.

In winter or summer the children stripped naked and were bathed in the order of age, the oldest first and the youngest last. That meant the baby was last and was bathed in water that once was clear, clean and pure, but now so dirty that you could not see anything in the water. Thus was born the expression, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” That’s how I heard it. What do you think?


Candy is good! Eating too much may not be good for you, but it sure is good. This fact might surprise you as it did me when I came across it: Annually, merchants sell $6 billion worth of candy for the Halloween holiday. Halloween is second only to Christmas in candy sales volume. I know I have bought and given away my share of that $6 billion every year. Have you? What do you think?

Halloween is this week! Have shivering fun!

William J. Kelly is a Weatherford resident and regular contributor to Viewpoints.