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November 24, 2013

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No sympathy for Republicans

Weatherford Democrat

No sympathy for Republicans

Dear Editor,

On Thursday the U.S. Senate returned to democracy by changing a senate rule that lowered the number of votes necessary to approve a presidential appointee to the federal courts and administration offices to a simple majority of 51.

In the past, appointees were blocked from a vote if the president couldn’t gather at least 60 senators’ votes to just let there be a vote. This rule had not been a problem before the election of Barack Obama as president. Mainly, Republication have used the filibuster 600 times in the last five and-a-half years to block appointments and bills that would have passed the Senate if given a vote.

I have no sympathy for the Republicans; they overreacted their political authority and got what they deserve. There are hundreds of federal judgeships that need to be filled and now will be.

Republican senators are now saying that the President hasn’t appointed anyone to many judgeship and this is true. But the main reason he hasn’t made more appoints is because he knew his appointments would never get a vote in the Senate.

There is nothing in the Constitution that addresses senate rules. The senate has always been free to establish its own rules, but I believe the framers of the Constitution never intended any senate rule to defeat the will of the majority.

This new rule does not apply to bills and Supreme Court appointments. So it will not change the laws of the land, it will only effect the implementation of laws passed by both Houses of Congress and signed by the president.

Dennis Tilly, Weatherford

Tears in the streets

Dear Editor,

Here is are portions of a letter I wrote Nov. 11, 2008:

“There were tears of joy throughout the country when Senator Obama was elected president. … If President Obama keeps all of his campaign promises, there will be crying in the streets again, but I fear they will be tears of anguish accompanied with cursing.

“He is going to spread the wealth, that was the purpose of the sub prime loans. It sounds good on paper, but you may have noticed that the folks that it was supposed to help have defaulted on their loans and are out in the cold, and your saving accounts have lost much of their value. Not only did the hare brain idea hurt the people that it was supposed to help it also devastated the economy.

“Many think electric cars will be a great step forward in the fight against global warming. President-elect Obama has promised to bankrupt any power company that dares to build a coal-fired power plant. I heard that you have to plug those things in. Do you suppose that his job creation plan will include hand-cranked generators to provide electricity to charge the electric cars?

“Under the Obama plan for this country we will be going to Mexico to find work. Raise the capital gains tax, corporate tax and tax on the evil rich will kill the goose that lays the golden egg. I have heard about the tax cut for the middle class before, but it hasn’t happened. President Clinton said he had never worked as hard in his life, but it was impossible to give the middle class a tax cut. In my opinion the most work he ever engaged in was operating his zipper. In case you have forgotten you are rich if you get out of bed every morning and go to work.”

I hope you realize how painful it is for me to tell you, “I told you so.”

Do you remember Charlie Gibson asking candidate Obama, “Would you lower the capital gains tax, even if the result was more income for the government?” The answer was no, because fairness is his objective. The man is destroying the economy with his brand of fairness. You might want to check with the folks who have lived under the fairness imposed by big government. The object of the game is that all will be equally poor.

Did you ever think that there would be an American president who knew so little about what was happening? He heard it on the news, he was not informed directly. He was going to make America a nation that the whole world adored, but instead things seem to have gone off the track.

He has irritated our allies and our enemies are still our enemies. I seriously doubt that a Democrat could be elected, if they told the truth.

Richard Feuilly, Weatherford