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November 14, 2013

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: The bread has bugs

Weatherford Democrat

The bread has bugs

Dear Editor,

Seems that I read somewhere that Obamacare was going to be better than sliced bread. The prisoners of World War II were fed insect-infested bread, and in my humble opinion Obamacare is equivalent to being forced to eat undesirable bread.

Can anyone explain how allowing children to remain on their parents’ insurance until they are 26 will make health care cheaper? The law mandates that the younger, healthier generation buy insurance to balance out the burden of insurance for the older generation. They have just graduated from college, with a large debt, and are living back home with parents because they can’t find work. Millions of folks are out of work. Are their insurance premiums going to be deducted from their unemployment compensation?

The president said many times, “If you like your insurance plan you can keep it, no one is going to take it away from you. Period.” He has said the same about keeping your doctor. Then he comes out with “if” your plan has not changed since Obamacare was signed into law. If I understand it correctly, all coverage had to meet criteria. It was stressed in the law, so it was impossible to keep your insurance. If the president had not told a bald-faced lie, he would not have been re-elected.

Some folks think that when the health care exchange site is up and running, the problems will be solved. I hate to burst your bubble, but that will just be the beginning of the worst nightmare that you can imagine. Is there a family that has seen a $2,500 reduction in their premiums? I certainly doubt that it will ever happen. If by chance insurance is cheaper taxes will increase. According to the Congressional Budget Office there will still be 30 million U.S. citizens uninsured by 2022.

We really have no clue how much money has been wasted on trying to implement the train wreck. I saw an interview with a gentleman who had been asked to help get the Obama health care exchange up and running, but he refused. When asked why, he said that the only way to fix the problem was to trash the current debacle and start over, and the powers that be refused his recommendation.

I believe there is one thing for certain: if you like to wait several months to see a doctor, you can wait and no one will take it away from you. If you think health care will be more economical, you are having a beautiful dream that will turn into the most hideous nightmare you can ever imagine. The folks who designed Obamacare are on mind-altering drugs or are just plain insane. Or could they be disillusioned by believing Karl Marx. It may work temporarily, but in the long run it will destroy this nation, as it has done to others.

Check the history of other countries that have tried and failed. Socialism is a flawed philosophy and won’t work due to human nature. The non producers will always take the advantage of the producers, and when the producers notice that the non producers are eating higher on the hog they say why not me? When you have all non producers, well, “Houston we have a problem,” as the astronauts would say.

Richard Feuilly, Weatherford

Cancelled policies

Dear Editor,

Insurance policies can be cancelled for one reason – non-payment of premiums. Insurance companies look for various reasons to send non-renewal notices to agents and clients on policies they no longer find profitable and do not want to keep.

ACA was a good excuse for those companies to rid their base of all those policyholders by sending non-renewal letters, giving the 60-day period as required by law. Cancellation notices do not give a client a 60-day notice. ACA did a good thing for people who needed coverage that private insurance companies excluded from their underwriting rules.

Money and their bottom line is their only interest – not the clients who try so hard to be able to afford to pay for their coverage. They give as little coverage as possible for premiums charged, and increase premiums during term – and when the policyholder becomes unprofitable due to losses – out go the non-renewal notices. Their selling point of their service and product was the people needed the coverage to protect them and their family went out the window.

After Medicare became law, the insurance companies figured out a way to take advantage of that law. They wrote policies that expired at age 65. This is not in big bold print in the policy, nor do they give you this tidbit of information, at least Prudential Insurance company didn’t.

President Obama was right – people should have been able to keep the policies they had if they wanted to, plus keep their doctors, but between the insurance companies and medical profession and the organization of HMOs and PPOs, the new ACA laws messed up the way they did business of which doctors a person could use, and which hospital and what the insurance company would pay for.

But he really didn’t know to what extremes the insurance companies would go to get rid of what they no longer wanted instead of re-writing their own underwriting rules and re-writing policies for their policyholders on their books. So quit blaming President Obama for trying to do good for the millions who weren’t covered by an insurance company, as they were unacceptable and couldn’t afford the price of premiums.

My advice, from an old insurance woman, people take the affordable health care. If you have to pay more at least you get the needed coverage you pay for that you were denied before. The Affordable Health Care Act has good underwriting rules for the people and are not expecting to get rich – just hoping it pays its way. We can get rid of all the fraud committed in the medical field of health-care providers, services, medical equipment companies, clinics, hospitals and insurance companies, which has riddled Medicare and Medicaid, with the help of politicians state and federal.

Evelyn Connaway, North Richland Hills

Surviving the Affordable Care Act

Dear Editor,

With new and more devastating revelations surfacing every day about this administration’s handling – correction, mishandling – the launch of the ACA debacle we must ask ourselves: can our Republic survive this nightmare?

Even former President Bill Clinton is telling this president to come clean on his lies to the American people. Of course, that is a little hard to digest since that advice is coming from someone with such a sordid past, but he is right on this issue. At this point even some of the staunchest Democrat liberals, like Diane Feinstein, are saying keep your word Mr. President, let the people keep their policies and doctors.

Now that millions of cancellation notices are starting to hit Democrats across the country who by the way do not all have subpar health insurance as the spin masters like to tell you are singing a much different tune today. Meanwhile even those Democratic senators and representatives who blindly supported and voted for this legislation are headed for the lifeboats. Our most vocal Obamacare supporter in Weatherford, Dennis Tilley, in his latest submission to the Democrat is still trying to re-arrange the deck chairs on this Titanic.

Talk about blind faith in the face of scandal within scandals, i.e., the latest being so called “Navigators” coaching applicants to lie on their applications to get more out of the system. This should be easy to do because not enough security was built in to the system, which is now rife for identity theft.

I’m not going to dredge up all of the dire news about the ACA. It’s out there for all to see and read with a little effort. I just want to leave you with one important bit of advice – Republicans, conservatives, tea party members, et al, did not do this to you and your country; not one of them voted for this ill-conceived mess that has a good chance of destroying our health-care system as we know it today.

When election time rolls around remember who was solely responsible – the Democratic Party and the current president who forced this on the American people. Remember, if you do not like your senator or representative you do not have to keep them.

Lonnie Williams
, Weatherford