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July 24, 2013

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Spend money on life, not lawyers

Weatherford Democrat

Spend money on life, not lawyers

Dear Editor,

In regard to the “fetal heartbeat” bill filed by State Rep. Phil King, one has to wonder why? This type of legislation is how our elected officials insure that no lawyer ever goes hungry. Millions of our tax dollars are already being spent because of bills written by lawyers to line the pockets of lawyers with litigation fees.

Our right to medically induced abortions is contained in the Constitution of the United States. Removing that right requires an amendment to our constitution. While conservatives view the proper role of government is to control the behavior of each individual, liberals resist giving up their cherished liberties by allowing government such power. Nevertheless, we should be voting, not litigating, as to the extent government is allowed to intrude into our lives.

The U.S. has one of the highest infant mortality rates of any country in the industrialized world. Our state is a major contributing factor to that disgusting statistic. Texans refuse to spend the money required to make us the best in the world at keeping children alive from birth to their first birthday.

What if we took the tax money that is now being spent on unending litigation involving useless laws that are being passed on a regular basis by the Texas Legislature and spent that money on reducing infant mortality statistics for our state? Can liberals and conservatives come together and agree that our tax dollars are better spent keeping kids alive than lining the pockets of lawyers?

Larry Mason

Reader suffering from ‘Rough Road Syndrome’

Dear Editor,

To TxDOT and concerned citizens:

Wow! I am astonished that you decided to continue and extend the physical and economic assault against all of the citizens of western Parker County and virtually all of the citizens of Palo Pinto County.

I am of course talking about the attack on U.S. Highway 180 and now FM Road 113.

This road surface, with its 11 decibel increase in road noise over standard hot top, can only be characterized as an attack. The physical toll on all drivers and passengers is not only repetitive day in and day out, it is most assuredly cumulative. The abhorrent and cumulative effect on blood pressure and nerves is bad.

It is bad in the morning.

It is bad in the evening.

It is twice as bad if you must make two trips per day.

Every driver I have been a passenger with has gripped the wheel with two hands upon hitting this surface. Normally that would be a good thing. However it is the spine-jarring nature of the tortuous drive that causes the grip.

Any other entity causing tension and stress, due to the decibels and vibrations, like you have would have already been brought before courts, EPA, OSHA and the court of public opinion.

If you were running this experiment on animals PETA would have shut you down.

I believe this to be a state-sanctioned criminal act.

Any road surface creating this much noise and vibration has got to drastically cut mileage, reduce tire life and cause premature suspension failure. Living on this road will hinder my home’s property value – will you send each of us $20,000.

You have taken value without “just compensation.” Forget, trying to sell a house for seven years until the road is just 6 or 7 decibels above a standard hot top.

Two out of 10 scientists will argue against manmade global warming. You will not find any physicians that will tell you 20 minutes of stress accompanied by loud noise twice or four times a day is good for the soul.

I must pause and ask. If this is a good fix, why have you not used it on “the high five” in Dallas or the new road to Cleburne?

I cannot believe the Texas State Troopers Association has not sought injunctive relief in the courts. They are being abused by their employer every mile they are forced to drive on it.

Hopefully the engineers responsible for this did not take their ethics in government class at the Marie Antoinette School of “let them eat cake.”

The actuaries (engineers) who signed off on this should apologize first to their alma maters for using their degrees so badly. Second to their neighbors who must use this travesty. Third to the state of Texas as a whole.

The blood pressure pill salesman must love this road surface. A 15 percent increase in sales all because somebody wanted to squeeze out 2 percent.

I may actually be way out of line. You may be using this road surface as a Medicaid reduction program. “Kill them off before they can collect.” Is “Soylent Green” next?

“Yippee we saved $315,000 on that job. So what if it cost the users an extra $22 million and 440,000 months of shortened life. We are under budget.”

It is so relaxing to get to either end of this surface, that it gives me a greater awareness of what fire walking must be like.

This letter is being sent to every medical professional in the affected area. In hopes that they will become the driving force to make you see the hardship you have caused and have you immediately correct this intolerable situation.

Use reserve or emergency funding to quit killing the people of western Parker County and all of the people of Palo Pinto County.

Your physical and economic assault is wholly unjustified. Somehow those before you maintained the roads without resorting to malfeasance.

Repave now!

Let me be the first to name it. RRS. Rough Road Syndrome. The newest environmental hazard facing the country.


Bill Walker, Weatherford