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July 25, 2013

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Abortion is about killing, not dollars

Weatherford Democrat

Abortion is about killing, not dollars

Dear Editor,

In response to Larry Mason’s letter (“Spend money on life, not lawyers,” July 24) on abortion, Larry obviously did not research the facts.

America does not have the highest all-around infant mortality rate, we just have the highest first-day infant mortality rate. So, no, parents aren’t out there killing their babies after they are born.

Also, Roe vs. Wade laws can be decided by each individual state and our state is not taking the right to an abortion away, it is making it to where when it is shown the baby has life and has a heartbeat that it isn’t killed because it does have life and killing something that is alive is murder.

I don’t see how this is about putting money in anyone’s pocket. This is about no longer supporting murdering innocent children. The law that was just passed by the State of Texas was deemed strict, but if you do your research and see how fully formed a baby is at 20 weeks let alone the 24 weeks that was previously encouraged you will see how non-strict these laws have really been.

A baby at 20 weeks is fully formed with a heartbeat and fully functioning brain, so in turn it is OK with America that we are killing children that feel and understand and can comprehend their new existence.

We come down hard on people who abuse animals or kill animals, yet we as a nation are OK with mass murdering innocent children. I applaud Phil King on this bill. Maybe what we should be doing instead of killing off children is to teach the ones we let live to be responsible about sex and to really know the consequences of having sex, because right now we are teaching them to go have sex as much as they want because if they get pregnant they can just kill the baby and start all over again.

Jamie Johnston, Weatherford