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February 16, 2014

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Reader says to send Cornyn packing

Weatherford Democrat

Reader: send Cornyn packing

Dear Editor,

This is not about strategy, it’s about honesty.

Sen. Cornyn gives the democrats the one vote they absolutely have to have to end closure on the debt limit debate. Then he votes against final passage knowing they have plenty of votes without him (oldest politico trick in the book!) Lastly, his office issues a laudatory statement about how he stood up to the “big spenders” and voted against the raise – what a crock! It’s a lie and he knows it.

Regardless of what you think of the Republican strategy here, you should at least demand that your senators tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

According to The Freedom Index (a constitution based vote rating service), before the Tea Party and Ted Cruz came along, John’s voting record was less than stellar despite his rhetoric. Over all since 2003 he is 69 percent. In his first three congresses (2003-08) he was 50 percent! Where do you think he’d be if the tea party and Ted Cruz weren’t around?

Send him home.

David Calvert, Weatherford

Couple backs Riley for county judge

Dear Editor,

We strongly encourage Parker County voters to re-elect Mark Riley to Parker County Judge.

He has served ably in that capacity in all his elected terms. He has supported Parker County and its citizens in numerous projects with his thoughtful ideas, honest opinions and firm direction.  He provides guidance with his expertise and experience in many areas. 

Judge Riley has demonstrated that he is honest, forward looking and a trustworthy caretaker of taxpayer dollars. Ranging from improved transportation means in the county to care and efficiency for county employees, he always strives to bring about actions for the common good.

His operation of his judicial court is well respected, timely and fair by all those who have had contact and experience in it. He is accessible to people and easy to communicate with, treating all with respect.

Know that he has a real caring interest in the success and future planning of Parker County and the opportunities that can be afforded to all in the county. Vote for Mark Riley to continue excellence, success and forward motion for Parker County.

Kaye and Frank Martin, Parker County

Writer supports Hollis for JP3

Dear Editor,

I am pleased to fully support Anne Hollis for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3.

It is my opinion the voters of Parker County should be informed about the candidates running in the March 4 primary.

Anne Hollis has been working for the people of Parker County 20 years as a sheriff’s deputy. She has worked in all aspects of the job learning about the ins and outs of the sheriff’s office. She has experience in many areas, such as advanced crime scene, advanced fingerprint comparator, family violence investigator, property crimes, juvenile investigator, fugitive unit, narcotics unit, civil processing, school resource officer, field training officer, sheriff’s mounted patrol unit, currently a patrol supervisor, she is experienced in writing arrest warrants and affidavits for search warrants.

Anne has served on the Freedom House executive board, Crime Stoppers executive board and is a Weatherford College Police Academy instructor. Anne is very qualified for the justice of the peace office. She will respect the office and be a fair and impartial judge. It is important to Anne that everyone is treated equal, fair and with respect.

Anne Hollis has also been a small business owner and she is active in many local community organizations. Anne is a hometown girl who went to Weatherford High School and Weatherford College. Anne and her husband, John Hollis, have raised their children in Weatherford, volunteering at school, Theatre Off The Square and working with the soccer association. She is also a member of Greenwood Baptist Church.

Anne is a great friend and has a love for helping others. Anne works tirelessly serving and helping everyone she can. Anne Hollis is the kind of person we need in the Justice of Peace office. Anne Hollis is a person with integrity and compassion, a true leader in Parker County.


Wanda Lovelace, Garner