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January 31, 2014

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Way-finding signs a waste

Weatherford Democrat

Way-finding signs a waste

Dear Editor,

I think the idea of spending any money on way finding signs is ridiculous.

Why doesn’t the city put more money into fixing up the roads that they have torn up, such as the road by Soldier Springs Park? That road is a hazard. It looks like the city started a project a few years ago and never bothered to finish it.

Being a residential area you would think the city would put the safety of it’s residents first. There are parts of the road that have been destroyed, gravel in random places and very few ways to avoid damage to your car while driving down this road.

Maybe if the city wouldn’t have spent money on medians throughout Main Street that don’t even grant access to most businesses without having to drive several blocks down and making a U-turn, they could have afforded to fix bad roads like this one.

This city falls short on its priorities.

Jamie Johnston, Weatherford

An embarrassment

Dear Editor,

The Democrats have been telling the world how ignorant the tea party folks are. What would you guess the results would be if $400,000 of your tax money was spent by a Yale law professor to study the intelligence of the tea party folks?

The results were not what the professor thought it should be. The professor said that the results were puzzling. The results showed that tea party members had better cognitive ability than non-tea party folks. For those who are not members of the tea party, cognitive ability is the process of acquiring knowledge by use of reasoning, intuition or perception.

Tea party members had better scientific comprehension – in other words they were smarter. I could have saved the taxpayers $400,000, because it is obvious that liberals are like lemmings. They stick together, it matters not how stupid or ridiculous it is, and they all sing the same tune.

Have you heard about the results of the study? I really doubt it, but if the results were what the professor was anticipating you would hear the alphabet soup channels broadcasting just what we thought, that the tea party is a bunch of ignorant, rightwing Neanderthals. Frankly, I prefer to be a right wing instead of a wrong wing.

The liberals label Fox News viewers as less than intelligent, but I say hang in there and your cognitive abilities will increase. Fox News remains high in the rating wars; does that mean folks are getting smarter or dumber? I contend that folks are getting smarter.

I would like to see what the results of a study would be on the liberal population.

Senator Ted Cruz said on “Face The Nation” that the president invited the Republican senators to the White House to tell them that there would not be a compromise. That is what I would call the epitome of arrogance. The man is not a leader, he is a dictator. His version of compromise is my way or the highway.

A couple of quotes from Winston Churchill: “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.” “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

Richard Feuilly, Weatherford