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June 26, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Reader must respond

Weatherford Democrat

Must respond

Dear Editor,

I have stopped writing rebuttal columns to the articles printed by other guest columnists. I realize people who are not open to the ideas of other people are not likely to be swayed by anything I can produce. However, the Sunday, June 23, column by Mr. Feuilly has so many false assumptions and downright errors, I must respond.

Mr. Feuilly asks why the sequestration did not stop the GSN and IRS from wasting money on training films. Well, the reason is probably the sequestration did not start until 2013 and the IRS productions were done from 2006 to 2011, during the Bush and Obama administrations, years before the sequestration.

Mr. Feuilly wonders why government can’t just freeze the budgets, spending no more next year than was spent last year. Well, they could if there weren’t more people collecting Social Security and Medicare each year, and if there were not more children entering school each year and more young people needing help for college. If we as a nation could just stop getting older every year, that would help a lot. It would also help if we hadn’t spent about $2 trillion on senseless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He also stated U.S. is bankrupt. The U.S. is not bankrupt. We are paying all our bills and the Obama administration and congress have cut the Bush 2008 deficit of $1.3 trillion dollar in half.

Mr. Feuilly also states, “inflation is now eating your life savings.” This is absolutely not true. Inflation is at its lowest level in more than 50 years. Mr. Feuilly’s use of the cell phones supplied to the unemployed comes right out of the wing nut web sites and publications. They never mention that the program was started by the Bush administration and has been very successful enabling the unemployed to find and accept new jobs. Those phones were probably one of the best investments we made in removing people from government assistance.

He also complains about the cost of using Air Force One by President Obama. Firstly, the use of Air Force One by all modern presidents is absolutely essential for national security and the protection of the president. I don’t remember a column by Mr. Feuilly objecting to President Bush’s constant flights to and from his ranch. If he really wanted to compare President Obama with other presidents, he would find the Obama’s are very frugal using the White House and travel services.

Mr. Feuilly as usual, relies on opinion instead of facts, unsubstantiated Internet and biased publications, which are not fact-checked by any recognized neutral sources.


Dennis Tilly, Weatherford