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September 18, 2013

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Texas a blue state?

Weatherford Democrat

— Texas a blue state?

Dear Editor,

If blue states are so wonderful, why are folks moving to red states? When Democrats get control of all 58 states that Senator Obama campaigned in, where will folks go to make a living?

The liberals say that the rich need to pay more taxes, they don’t need all that money. Can you tell me why you go to a rich person to ask for a job? We need more money for infrastructure, roads and bridges and the like, and more for education, police and fire fighters, which is true. It seems to me that the poor use these benefits and should at least pay a minimum tax, instead of getting an earned income tax refund.

I suppose that I have been misinformed about what earn means, I think that unearned income tax refund is a better use of the language. The rich invest their money in companies, and create more jobs, but who wants a job, when you can take advantage of the ignorant programs that are available. You can make more money by not working.

Other nations have tried the stupid idea of giving goodies, in exchange for votes, and they all ended up in the trash pile. When you rob Peter to subsidize Paul, you can always count on the support of Paul. The problem, is you will eventually end up with more Paul’s than you can support.

I was watching a video of Dr. Thomas Sowell and he stated that he had been a Marxist. He was asked what changed his mind, and this is what he said: “I went to work for the government, and soon realized that there is no way that government can make good on all of the promises that it makes.”

There is a debt ceiling debate coming up soon, and the Democrats are saying that Republicans want to shut down the government. That is a bald-face lie, what conservatives want is government that doesn’t waste money. I’m sure that those that pay attention have heard of the lavish parties that government employees engage in when attending seminars.

Government is out of control, and if the budget is not soon balanced, we will all be on the poor farm. Argentina had all of the goodies that Americans want. In 1989 hyperinflation set in and went to 3,000 percent, and Argentina is still in trouble. A friend of mine just got back from Argentina, and said things are not good there, our dollar is not worth much, but it is ten times better than Argentine money. In 1902 Argentina was one of the world’s richest countries. A little more than a century later it is poverty stricken.

If that is what you want for future generations of Americans, then make America blue?

Russian President Putin just doesn’t get it. “Americans aren’t better than everybody else, we are everybody else” to quote Alfonso Rachel.

Richard Feuilly, Weatherford

Beware the prophets of doom

Dear Editor,

Every fair-minded American must be amazed at the last five years. This month, Russia and the U.S. are negotiating a solution to Syria’s chemical weapons and have started talks to settle the Syrian Civil War. I have no way to know how successful these talks will be, but the fact that both sides are negotiating is a major success in its self.

Five years ago, this country was considered untrustworthy, not by just our foes, but even by our closest allies. We were rightly blamed for the international business, banking and real estate declines. The world also correctly held us responsible for our declining credit worthiness, caused by an insane gesture by the House of Representatives, which stopped paying our already incurred debts. Our self-inflicted wounds had moved millions of Americans out of the upper middle class, downward to the lower middle class or to the unemployed. Retirement savings had lost about forty percent of value and were still declining. Americans without health insurance grew by about 10 million, which was the highest in the industrial world.

Today our retirement saving and investments have regained all their 2008 losses plus stocks have moved to all-time highs. The banking, finance, and housing industries are again solid and rapidly recovering. The American auto industry has repaid all the loans that saved about 1 million U.S. jobs in 2008. American cars are again competing with imports, which can be seen in the rehiring of hundreds of thousands of American factory workers.

We now lead the world in the expansion of domestic oil and gas production. We are on schedule to be a major exporter of refined petroleum products. That means we will be completely free of foreign disruptions to energy supplies and we will be able to supply our allies with many of their energy needs. Unemployment has declined too slowly largely because of reductions in federal spending and the loss of about 750,000 federal and state government jobs.

The end results of all these areas of recovery will be good paying American jobs. Energy, finance, banking, medical, auto assembly, and new energy generation are the new employers of the American middle class.

Even regressive Texas is now getting 13 percent of our electricity from wind and solar. These clean endless electricity sources are scheduled to increase to about twenty percent of the entire Texas market. Renewables, combined with natural gas, will completely displace coal and liquid fuel generator plants in about six to ten years. These new sources of energy should absorb the lost jobs in coal, plus finance the expansion of our elderly power grid system.

When I read guest columns of gloom and doom in this paper, I wonder what is their source? Never in my lifetime has the world been more peaceful than it is today. There are no empires building or declining. No great nations are at war with each other. The land, sea and air routes of the world are safer now than any time in the last five hundred years. In this country, and most of the world, we lose more lives to accidents than to war and all forms of homicide.

American companies make higher profits from the sell of Asian goods, than the manufacturer in Asia. And those profits are going back into the safe, free American stock and securities markets which are financing more American jobs.

Any politician or group that claims responsibility for the rebirth of America industry is an arrogant fool. Such fools say everybody else is wrong and they are the only one who knows how to save this country. If they say every positive news stories has a hidden negative meaning, which only they will reveal to you. You can bet it is just another prophet of doom!

Dennis Tilly, Weatherford