Weatherford Democrat

March 16, 2014

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A kind and timely gesture

Weatherford Democrat

— Dear Editor,

On Wednesday, my husband, adult son and I were eating dinner at a restaurant in Weatherford. It had been a long, busy day, topped off by trying to find an affordable car for my son, since he has developed serious mechanical problems.

He was disappointed at his lack of success. I have a shoulder injury that was hurting rather badly. We were tired and could have been a miserable little group, but we said grace, laid our troubles in God’s hands and decided to enjoy our dinner and each other’s company.

As we were finishing our meal, our waitress laid the check on our table. The hostess promptly picked it up, telling us our bill had been paid. She said that our benefactor only asked her to tell us that, “it was from the church.”

Oh, my goodness! That sweet gesture was exactly what we needed at that moment. Whoever you are, where ever you are, we would like to say thank you and God bless you for you kindness and generosity. You will never know what you thoughtfulness meant to us.

Now, we’re looking for our chance to “pay it forward” so we can share your generous spirit with another family. Again, we can only say thank you and may God richly bless you for your kindness.


Michael, Jodee and Robert-Gilbert-Uhlman, Springtown