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May 8, 2013

Letters to the Editor – May 7, 2013

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Vote yes to bond

Dear Editor,

I’m 50 now and ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a social worker. My mom and dad subscribed to National Geographic and I read it from front to back every month. The stories taught me how across the world people needed help in a variety of ways. From that point forward, I knew I wanted to be a helper of society as a whole.

So, I got my degree and eventually was a social worker for the Texas Department of Human Services where I served hundreds of people in need. They were in dire need of food, housing, medical care, and of work. And they lived in Weatherford. A lot of my clients were people who were in poverty due to circumstances; they were in a car accident or had cancer and their resources were gone. Many just did not possess the education or marketable skills that were necessary to support and sustain a family. For seven years, I served people in need.

But I wasn’t helping the bigger issue. The part that could help prevent the poverty. The part that could positively impact people for life. And that is education. So, I went back to school and altered my journey to help children because this is where I can affect change. Affect change where our family, friend’s and neighbor’s children can learn skills that are marketable in today’s world. I truly have dedicated my career in education to helping our society. When we know that our future and our children’s future are at stake, why is there a question of how to vote?

This bond will provide our students opportunities that allow them to thrive and enrich their learning opportunities, which in turn allows them to become contributing members to their family and to society. And isn’t that what we all want of our children, our grandchildren and ourselves to come?

Please take the time to Vote YES for the WISD Bond on May 11th. YOUR vote matters.

Donna Schoonover, Weatherford

Support for Mike Brasovan

Dear Editor,

There have been many opinion letters about the upcoming Annetta city council election, and we would like to respond to some recent ones, including the one from B.J. Smyers, the campaign treasurer of Mike Brasovan’s opponent in the Place 5 race.

Mike Brasovan is being labeled a “politician,” sometimes a “career politician,” apparently because this is not his first run for office.  We’re not sure when having a desire to serve through public office became a bad thing. This is only Mike Brasovan’s second run for city council – hardly his career. We have local mayors and school board members serving multiple terms in office, campaigning in multiple elections, yet haven’t seen the same complaint leveled against them. In the same article from the Community News referenced by B.J. Smyers in the opinion letter attacking Mike Brasovan, what does another candidate in the “Four for Annetta” group list as the first reason he’s the best candidate for his office? His eight years of service on the city council.  We wish more men and women were as passionate about public service, but can see why they aren’t.  Maybe if we can get past the attacks and gossip, and start respectful debate about the issues, they will be.

Mike has stated since before he filed to run for city council that he is generally supportive of the annexation petitioners’ desire to be annexed into Annetta, but believes it’s a big decision for the city and, if it turns out to be the best thing, needs to be done slowly, carefully, and correctly. He has worked to gather the most accurate information available about the impact, as well as gather citizen input.  This is a level approach. The amount in franchise fees – the exact number – the city would have received had those homes already been part of the city a year ago is one number Mike is waiting for (the Annetta mayor has requested this information, hopefully because he also believes it would be good to have the most accurate information possible).  Road costs are another number; Mike has been gathering information about what other cities in the area spend on residential roads instead of using Annetta’s current road budget, which is not adequately maintaining the roads.

Mike has also been visiting with citizens about the issue to hear what they have to say. We do not agree with another opinion letter’s claim that “I don’t have enough information” is simply an excuse to not take a position.  Mike is not going to rely on information put out by only supporters of the annexation to make a decision. Especially when we read in an email from an annexation supporter stating that the annexation should already have been done “even if it hurt [sic] those of us in Annetta”. If you’re reading this and think the city should get accurate information (as much of it as possible, as quickly as possible) before moving forward to help determine whether this annexation is a good move (not just for the petitioners but for the city as a whole), we hope you’re voting for Mike Brasovan. That is his position. 

Now we’re hearing and seeing signs that say to “stop the gridlock” on Annetta’s council and get things done, there are four candidate that must be elected that are running as a group – a group that includes Mike’s opponent.  Wouldn’t a better option be to vote for someone willing to work with the entire council? Wouldn’t we be better served by voting for someone whose only agenda, if elected, is to work, even through disagreements, for the good of the city he’s running to serve? If that’s what you believe, we hope you’re voting for Mike Brasovan. That is his belief.

Mike has spent more than 20 years in the utility business, just like the letters have said about his opponent, but Mike has the kind of utility experience that would benefit Annetta’s water customers:  he serves utility customers across the country - working to get them better service and rates. How? Partly through negotiating and writing contracts, auditing his customers’ utility bills and correcting errors, and analyzing their systems – for water along with electricity and natural gas. If you think this skill set can help Annetta better serve its customers, we hope you’re voting for Mike Brasovan. That is his experience.

We’d also like to share some things about Mike that you may not have heard to correct the misinformation you probably have heard.  Mike is a Christian, a husband and a father.  He leads a men’s Bible study at Trinity Bible Church.  Mike serves as the chairman of the Tarrant County Community College Northwest Campus Business Advisory Board.  He also serves on the board of the Center of Hope, and was recently elected board chairman. We believe the men and women in these organizations have seen firsthand Mike’s heart for service, his passion for changed lives in our community, his style of servant leadership, and his character. He is a skilled and honorable businessman.

And yes, Mike has been involved in politics. Is it a bad thing that while many of us have been frustrated by what is happening to our country, Mike was willing to step forward and try to actually change things?  We want to encourage that kind of service.  We hope, and hope you do also, for more men and women of character to engage in the political realm; for them to get involved, stay involved, and - no matter how long it takes - work to make a difference. Even when they’re attacked for doing it.  

Gary and Elise McElroy, Annetta

Aimee Martin, Annetta

Tracy Johnson, Annetta

Ed and Mary Johnson, Annetta

Brian and Leslie Haley, Annetta

Bob and Anesia Garmon, Annetta

Aaron Garmon, Annetta

Karen Brasovan, Annetta

Rick Bradshaw, Annetta

Brian and Kelly Phillips, Annetta North

Jeff and Shelley McCarty, Annetta North

Scott and Michele Birdwell, Annetta North