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March 13, 2013

Letter to the Editor - March 13, 2013

Weatherford Democrat

Who else wants Brazos River water?

Dear Editor,

The Legislature in Austin is considering waiving the Inter-basin Transfer Law and, additionally, funding a plan that would allow water to be transferred out of the Brazos River Basin and into users in the Colorado River Basin.

The Texas Water Code-Section 11.085 related to Interbasin Transfers generally precludes transfers from one river basin to another. The legislation under consideration, a part of Texas House Bill No. 2121, is related to the recently relocated and re-sized plans for a lake called the Cedar Ridge Reservoir on the Clear Fork of the Brazos some 40 miles northward from Abilene.

The measure is supported by mayors from Abilene, San Angelo and Midland and seeks to allow water from the Brazos River basin to become a part of water available to the three cities, two of which are in the Colorado River Basin.

If enacted, citizens and holders of water rights along the Brazos River would have their volume of water reduced by this bill. Those opposed to this measure should make known their desires to their state legislators before the limited resources in the Brazos watershed reduce the river to a narrow band of stagnant water.

Frank Dehnisch, Bellaire, Texas