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March 2, 2014

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Special Roos make Weatherford proud

Weatherford Democrat

Making Weatherford proud

Dear Editor,

The Weatherford Special Roos, composed of special education students, and an equal number of students with no handicap problems, competed in the National Special Olympics Bowling Tournament at Reno, Nev., this past week.

They did their hometown and Weatherford High School proud, winning silver medals Wednesday, and then won the gold medal Thursday. Handicapped kids competed from all over the United States, so this was no small feat.

Although the Special Olympics is not a part of Weatherford High School’s athletics, these special kids still did a great job of representing the school and their hometown, and need recognition for what they accomplished.


Don Johnson, Weatherford

Take part in the process and cast a ballot

Dear Editor,

Election Day is Tuesday, March 4th. On the actual day, you must vote in your precinct, not one of the early voting locations that have been open the last two weeks. 

We live in the best country in the world, the best state in the United States and the best county in Texas!  We have elected officials that fight for conservative values in DC, Austin and right here at home. 

As you consider your vote, remember that in Texas, we have the best economy in the country.  All of us are “taxed enough already,” but we have no state income taxes and the Legislature presented us with the option of using some of our tax dollars to fund transportation and water projects. We voted to fund water planning and projects for Texas in the 2013 election and will consider additional funding for transportation needs in the 2014 general election.

In Parker County, folks are moving here (and staying here) because we have a healthy business environment, great schools, and lower taxes than 82 percent of the counties in Texas. Our tax rate has grown at about the same rate as our population growth.

We are the Republican model of personal accountability. We take care of ourselves, our family, our family of faith, and our community.  In the event that all of those fail, we provide tax dollars to provide the final safety net for those that need a hand.

There’s been lots of talk and now it’s time to sort the rhetoric from the record. On Tuesday, please join me in voting for the best candidate in each position to represent our party in November.

If you have questions, please give me a call at 817-594-5029. If you need a ride to the polls, please call headquarters at 817-599-0711. Please vote in the primary. The process is incomplete without you!

Zan Prince, Parker County Republican Chair

Barnwell has the credentials, experience

Dear Editor,

For the past 18 years, Parker County has not had strong leadership with regards to portfolio management. Due to this, taxes have gone up seven out of 10 years. It is time Parker County emerged from the dark ages into the 21st Century. It is time to demand the taxpayers monies are handled responsibly. Status quo is no longer acceptable.

For years there have been $63 million dollars sitting idle in pools yielding almost nothing. That means no interest income has been generated back to Parker County. Keep in mind this is your tax money and should be working as hard as you do, each and every day. That has not been the case for the past 18 years.

With today’s interest rates, each day your tax dollar remains in the pool that is yielding about 0.03 percent ($300 per year per million dollars) costs the county about $1,200 per day. If you multiply that by 18 years, the numbers are staggering. It also will draw a clear picture of why responsible management is key to keeping taxes from going up and up and up. Tick-tock …

Treasurer Jenny Barnwell has studied those laws set forth by the State of Texas, which govern investments of taxpayers monies, while her opponent, Dedra Vick has tried to minimize the importance of that knowledge, which can and will result in further mismanagement of funds. This is the type of situation that can easily steal from our children’s and grandchildren’s future. Is this the legacy you want to leave? Me neither.

Let’s look at it another way: learning about the complexity of investments is not an on-the-job training situation, as Dedra stated it is. That is the last thing we need or want.

Jenny Barnwell holds multiple certifications, and certifications in areas associated with managing the county treasurer’s office and investments. Her opponent has a background in cosmetology and once co-owned a convenience store.

Dedra is also on the record as stating her investment strategy will go something like this: “I will take the best deal that comes across my desk” … as if it is that easy! It sounds like she thinks she is playing a hand of bridge or reading Tarot cards. That is not how investments should be decided on and that statement highlights her lack of investment experience.

I hope you agree with me that the clear choice, the only choice for Parker County Treasurer is Jenny Barnwell. She brings with her admirable leadership skills, solid investment knowledge and a commitment to the financial strength of Parker County.

Connie Bally, Tarrant County

Writer backs Suchocki

Dear Editor,

I would like to announce my support for Bernard Suchocki as JP for Precinct 4.

I have known Bernard for the last 10 years and worked closely with him when he served on the Willow Park Planning and Zoning Commission. His background as a trial lawyer for 32 years surely qualifies him for this elected position as justice of the peace. He is currently doing an outstanding job serving Willow Park as a member of the city council. He campaigned going door-to-door to find out what concerns the people had and how he could help.

Bernard’s integrity, honesty and knowledge are above reproach. His main concern is serving our community and helping to make it a safer place for the citizens. I am voting for Bernard because I know he is the best man for the job and I urge you to do the same.

Jo Ann Cassidy, Willow Park