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January 2, 2013

Letters to the Editor - Jan. 2, 2013

Weatherford Democrat

An open letter to Rep. King

Dear Representative King,

I am one of your constituents. This is an open letter to you and to everyone interested in good representative government in Texas. Thank you Mr. King for your service in the Texas House since 1998.

We Texans have an extremely important problem in the upcoming session; namely, who should be House Speaker in 2013. The fiasco of the 2011 speaker selection must not be repeated. Normally we-the-people stay out of such internal House matters but when the Legislature fails to protect us and our Republic with essential legislation, the people must act.

Please recall: We-the-people own the government. Elected officials work for we-the-people, that is our system.

The new Texas State Legislative session begins in a few days and a new speaker of the House will be elected as the first order of business. The Speaker is a powerful and extremely important position. I’m confident you would agree with me in this matter.

Shall an elected representative of good character, having demonstrated he responds to the needs of the people of Texas be elected speaker, even though he is relatively new to the House? Or, shall the controversial previous Speaker be re-elected, who demonstrated no desire to facilitate the very popular TSA, anti-groping bill desired by informed voters of Texas?

There is no doubt in my mind that Rep. David Simpson, District 7, of Longview should be elected House Speaker. I first met Mr. Simpson some seven to eight years ago. I have listened to his talks and speeches on at least three occasions. He is a constitutional conservative who we can believe in and Texans are very fortunate to have representing them in Austin. Don’t hold Rep. Simpson back, give him the reins of power and watch the Texas House flourish and produce legislation we urgently need.

Our central government in Washington is out of control. It has stepped far outside parameters set for it by the Constitution. It is very likely we have a president who does not meet the constitutional requirements to be president.

Further, our election system is very flawed. Voting fraud is so widespread it is quite possible Obama was not truly elected. It is sheer insanity to be using electronic voting machines without a paper trail to verify the count in these machines. All of this is widely known, yet we still use these dastardly machines! Why? Ask yourself why.

We should demand, I do demand, that Texas begin to exert its sovereignty by nullification of ObamaCare as a start. I am a fifth generation Texan, loyal to Texas. I want Texas to become a leader in nullification to restore constitutional balance to our once great nation.

The insanity of our foreign policy alone is enough to destroy America. I am not yet ready for Texas to secede from the union, but if our situation cannot be corrected by the legal remedy of nullification, then we must consider secession.

Freedom is fragile and we are losing it, step-by-step. It is time to push back, to reject the UN and its many tentacles manipulating us toward a New World Order.

Back to the question of who should be the new Texas House Speaker. The question of experience pales to insignificance when one considers: lust for power, greed (or avarice), trust, and integrity. When one considers these several measurements, David Simpson trounces the opposition.

Your constituent,