Weatherford Democrat

March 5, 2014

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Live by the Blue Belles creed

Weatherford Democrat

— Dear Editor,

On Jan. 17, there was an article published in the Dallas Morning News that attacked one of the premier organizations in Parker County. The Weatherford Democrat published a similar article on Feb. 5, with a follow up article on Feb. 27.

It is now time for a parent member of this organization to speak out and set the record straight.  First and foremost – there have been no financial shenanigans with the Blue Belles Parent Club as alluded to in the DMN and the first Democrat articles. As a member of this organization for more than 10 years, I have never seen anyone try and manipulate the funds.

A formal audit was completed and the Parker County DA has reviewed. As noted in the second Democrat article, no missing funds were found during the audit, and the DA said there is nothing that would lead him to open a formal investigation.

Both original articles made many innuendos and insinuations. Both papers owe a formal apology to the two principles in the articles. The reporter from the DMN, if I dare call him a reporter, made claim via his Facebook page that he had “documents” that showed there was misuse of funds. I have challenged him to bring that data forward – and he has not. He has no data, because there is none.

My suspicion is he is just another “mouthpiece” – a bully if it were – that when challenged, he had to put his tail between his legs and go home. He has never produced a shred of evidence supporting his claim.

The parent that brought all of this up needs to re-examine her motives and decide whether she is a member of the organization, or whether she needs to leave it. The BBPC is an all-volunteer organization. Not one of the executive team has the time to spend trying to resolve the petty, selfish, issues that this parent keeps bringing forward. She needs to reassess her motives – if the full story were to come out and be published, people would realize that this parent has very selfish motives that have nothing to do with making the BBPC, or the Blue Belles organization in general, the great organization that it is.

I must also point out that the WISD administration was not a friend of the BBPC throughout this past year. Two “high” members of WISD were involved in conversations with this selfish parent. Both of these members allowed her to think she was in a position of power and enabled her to keep causing problems. They could have shut her down immediately by telling her they have no authority over how parent clubs are operated. WISD needs to recognize first and foremost that it has absolutely no authority over the BBPC.

The BBPC, as with all parent clubs within the district, is a totally independent organization and separate from WISD. Yes, they work in concert with each other and need each other, but the WISD administration has no authority to tell any of the parent clubs how to run its business or how to expend its resources. The only thing WISD can do is not allow the parent clubs to use WISD properties for meetings, fundraising, etc.

Every year in August, the new line of Belles meets very early at WHS for what is called Sunrise Ceremony. The morning starts with some fun, a touch football game between the classes coached by members of the WHS football coaching staff, a breakfast for everyone and then a very serious ceremony where the new Blue Belles get their field uniforms, their boots and their hats. There is a lot of emotion at this ceremony – the honor of being able to wear those boots and that hat is almost indescribable. As the father of four Belles, it hits me every time I am there. During this ceremony, the Blue Belles recite a creed and a promise.


Blue Belles Creed

I believe as a Blue Belle I should be:

Joyous, courageous, and courteous, truthful, considerate and just.

Too noble to speak ill of others.

Willing to forgive and forget.

Prompt and gracious in obedience.

Willing to sacrifice personal pleasures for the betterment of others.

Ready to do all possible service.

Quick to appreciate what is done for me.

Respectful to my parents and elders.

That I may become a fine and worthy young lady.


Blue Belle Promise

I, as a Blue Belle, do solemnly promise:

Before these witnesses that I will know and abide by the Constitution of the Belles, I will uphold the traditions and high standards of the organization and I will do everything in my power to promote Blue Belle activities and interests.


I know some people take these kinds of words as being sappy and “old fashioned” and have no meaning. But, as a retired military officer, where I was ingrained with and ingrained in those who worked for me, the U.S. Air Force core values – integrity first, service before self, excellence in all we do – a creed to live by is very important. As with the Belles creed and promise, these are no small words – when truly taken to heart; but they contain extremely high value when they are lived.

Just maybe the parent that is causing all this strife within the BBPC could read and subscribe by this creed and promise. Such simple words, yet so hard to fulfill.

To all my Blue Belle daughters – blood, adopted or otherwise – we are so much better and stronger as a unit, keep your heads up and dance on! BLUE BELLES ROCK!

Gerry Ourada, Weatherford