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October 11, 2013

KELLY: What do you think XIV?

Weatherford Democrat


June weddings

In the very old days people took their annual bath in May. Thus, the bride-to-be having her May bath smelled very nice. Those getting married set their wedding in June. However, by June the bride-to-be began to have a little body odor, so she carried a bouquet of flowers down the aisle to hide the odor. This happened in the 1500s but to this day all our brides carry a bouquet of flowers down the aisle. I think it also makes the brides look better! What do you think?

Teen voting

I must admit that I bought the idea of teen voting hook, line and sinker. The idea that a man of 18 could be drafted or volunteer to be in the service and fight for his country and not be eligible to vote was an easy sell because it happened in our previous wars, and it was not too long since that my friends and I had served in World War II.

I have since questioned the wisdom of the law permitting 18-year-olds to vote. I now know that voting is a much more serious business than I thought it was in my youth. When we all graduated from high school we had very little or no life experience, we were just ending our years as kept children. If we went on to college, most of us were still being provided for by our good parents. We were about to enter the real world from either high school or college graduation.

Now, with absolutely no life experience, we were expected to vote for politicians – local, state and federal – to govern us. So what happened was we voted the way our parents thought was the best way to vote. If Dad was a Democrat, we voted Democrat. If Dad was a Republican, we voted Republican, not really knowing much about what we were doing at all.

I now think we should move the voting eligibility age up to age 25. By that age, men and women will have experienced the real world and will understand, or should understand how government can affect their lives either for the good or for the bad. They should by then be able to cast a more intelligent vote. What do you think?


Did you know that tomatoes were considered poisonous for over 400 years? It seems that centuries ago the more affluent people had their dishes made from pewter. It was not known that high acid foods would cause the lead to leach out of the plates and be consumed with the food. The people would develop lead poisoning and death would follow. The people of that time noticed that this happened more with the consumption of tomatoes, so they decided that tomatoes were poisonous. Evidently, the people making the decision that tomatoes were poisonous did not notice that people eating a tomato from a plate made of wood or pottery did not die of poisoning. What do you think?


I read in the paper that illegal immigration in Texas is still increasing. An article by Tim Eaton also said that at its height, illegal immigration in 2007 in the United States totaled 12.2 million. In Texas, in 2012, the total number of illegals was 1.75 million, up from 1.70 million in 2011.

Evidently, the federal government’s efforts to stop illegal immigration are not effective. Some politicians say it is impossible to deport all 12 million of them. I have a faint memory of a historical event where Spain loaded up all the Africans in their country and shipped them back to Africa. If they could, why can’t we do it? The problem is that we have too many enablers in this country.

People who have a selfish ax to grind like the Catholic bishops and the Democrat party. Also a Congress that will not make English the law of the land. I think illegals should be sent back to their country of origin with a benchmark set as to the time they have been here. To be fair to those who have been here many, many years and who have served in the armed service, a date should be set where they can be citizens. What do you think?

A great clean joke

A Sunday school teacher asked her little students as they were on the way to the church service, “And why should we be quiet in church?” A little girl replied, “Because people are sleeping.” What do you think?

In closing

Smile. It gives your face something to do.

William J. Kelly is a Weatherford resident and regular contributor to Viewpoints.