Weatherford Democrat

November 7, 2013

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Obamacare must end

Weatherford Democrat

Obamacare must end

Dear Editor,

The Patient Affordable Care and Protection Act is destroying our health-care system. Policy costs and deductibles are rising for most Americans who have had health insurance in the past. The one-size-fits-all new policies are not what Americans want or need.

Doctors are changing professions because of the regulations. The PPACA is destroying our health care and health insurance in the United States. Delay the individual mandate. Defund The PPACA. Americans overwhelmingly don’t want it.

President Obama, are you listening?

Linda J. Rogers, Azle

They preserved my rights

Dear Editor,

The statement for my ad valorem taxes came in the mail this past week, and like many of my fellow citizens, I had some thoughts about what those monies were being used for. In spite of the grumbling I may have uttered, I could drive in to Weatherford to buy groceries, drop by the bank, drug store and dry cleaners, and then come home to a comfortable home.

That happens all over America in towns like Weatherford, by citizens much like me. A rocking chair on a back porch is a good place to sit and ponder, and in that peaceful atmosphere I gave some thought about how great this country is, the beauty of it and its people, the rights we have, and how all of that has been preserved for the likes of me. It was then that I realized my sharing in the financial needs of this great community and country through the taxes I pay is not a sacrifice.

The faces of some who did experience the sacrifice of time from families, interruption to jobs, education and the ultimate sacrifice of their own lives puts a lump in my throat. A childhood playmate’s blood stained the sands of a beachhead landing in Europe. Another schoolmate came home from Iwo Jima with a broken neck. A couple of my neighbors spent time in the horrors of a Japanese prison camp during World War II.

My own time in the military was during World War II and I am thankful that none of it was in a combat role. While in a division headquarters unit I was stationed with some real heroes, and though they were reluctant to tell of their experiences, I learned of what they did. Some were still suffering from what was called shell shock at the time, and I hope they were able to return to society when the war ended. Many went through battles with no apparent lasting effects, and I enjoyed sharing time with a New Jersey truck driver who knew about combat, yet he could sing all the Hoagy Carmichael songs as well as Hoagy himself. My Nebraska corn farmer buddy still maintains contact with me and he is the last of our 8th Army group, besides me. A recent visit to Natchez, Mississippi confirmed that a Vietnam pilot with my same last name is now dead.

He spent much of his time in the Hanoi Hilton. A group of Vietnam helicopter pilots, heroes all, will be gathering for a reunion in our area later this month. I feel honored that I will get to share a breakfast with them. Maybe age has caused me some concern about some of the things going on in our nation, but even so, it is still the country I love and I am grateful to those who gave so much to preserve that which is dear and precious.

As our nation honors our veterans on Nov. 11, may each of us salute them for their contribution to preserving the greatest nation that has ever existed.

Arnold Pitchford, Weatherford