Weatherford Democrat

November 1, 2012

Letters to the editor, Thursday, Nov. 1


— Democrats overlook good of military, views of others

Dear editor,

While Ms. Harris (“Cutting corporate taxes will likely not help Americans,” Oct. 28 Viewpoints) touts her status as a Democrat and her accomplishments and high station in life she let true Democrat colors peek through. First and most important I take high offense at her classifying “soldiers” in Afghanistan as menial labor and further dishonoring herself by including disabled vets in her description of menial labor. I am a disabled veteran and never once considered my service to the country as “menial.” This is so typical of her beloved party, they know little or nothing about the military and hold them in low regard. Might I remind her without the sacrifices of the military the freedom she had to attain her self-proclaimed station in life would not have been possible!

I’m pretty sure she has not looked at a military pay chart in her life, but she throws out numbers like she knows what she is talking about. For 2012, an E-1 (a basic trainee) with less than two years service makes approximately $15,000 a year. Professional soldiers do quite well now, although underpaid, for the hardships they must endure. Why besmirching the military over an argument about cutting corporate taxes!?! The Democratic party of old is no more; it has been taken over by every extremist group in the country whose views do not represent the views of many God-fearing Americans. Environmental extremism, gay this and green that, support for abortion, the list is endless.

Lonnie Williams