Weatherford Democrat

November 16, 2012

COLUMN: Santa came early for Obama voters

Richard Feuilly

— When Santa Obama arrived, the children and adults jumped and shouted for joy.

What a wonderful four more years of truth and prosperity. Food stamps, free cell phones — and who knows what else Santa has in his bag. The rich will pay for all these wonderful gifts.

Has anyone noticed that Santa loads his sleigh with so many goodies that Rudolph and the other reindeer just can’t pull the load?

Santa has promised too many goodies to the people of Argentina, and now he can’t deliver. Inflation is still running high and unemployment is rampant and there are only 700,000 demonstrators in the streets of Buenos Aires.

Has anyone paid any attention to what is happening in Europe? The people are terribly upset because the benefits that were promised are not being delivered.

A reporter asked a lady why she voted for President Obama, and she said that he needs four more years to complete what he started in his first term.

Let me see if I understand correctly. He rammed through a health care bill that, according to the latest polls, 60 percent of Americans don’t like. It is going to cost millions of jobs, which has already begun. The whole game plan from the very beginning was to have a single payer health plan. When the whole country is on Obamacare, paid for with tax money, you will discover that the rich, middle class and the poor won’t have enough money to pay for the monstrosity.

That will be the day that you will see thousands marching in the streets of America, because Santa won’t be able to deliver.

He said that his top priority was to keep Americans safe. There has not been a terrorist attack on American soil since he took office. I was under the impression that Fort Hood, Texas, was part of American soil and when we have an ambassador in Benghazi, that is considered American soil. I suppose that the Fort Hood murders were just a radical Muslim social event, or as the president called it, work place violence. It appears to me that it is almost impossible for the president to say terrorist.

President Clinton was making a campaign speech for President Obama, in which he asked this question, “Do you want a president that will lie to you?” It appears to me that question was answered when Clinton was elected to two terms, and now President Obama. In my opinion, Mr. Ross Perot owes America an apology for screwing up the election that gave us the Clintons. I think things would have been much better if we had never heard of the Clintons.

Why does President Obama blame President Bush for the mess he inherited? It would be more in line with the truth if he blamed President Clinton for pressuring banks to make loans to the unqualified. For those that doubt what actually happened, read a New York Times article by Steven A. Holmes dated Sept. 30, 1999. You can find it on the Internet if you want to know the truth.

For those that think government meddling in health care will have a better outcome than meddling in the banking and housing market, I recommend that you go to a private school that does not teach government propaganda.

Richard Feuilly is a guest columnist. He is a retired ditch digger and a resident of Weatherford.