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May 1, 2013

Letters to the Editor – May 1, 2013

Weatherford Democrat

Former WISD board president backs bond, incumbents

Dear Editor,

To me the education of all of our children is paramount to maintaining a democratic society. I served on the WISD Board of Trustees for 18 years and served as president for 12 of those years. I also was a special education teacher and, most importantly, parent in the district. I currently serve on the board of the WISD Education Foundation, Performing Arts Association and volunteer in the classroom.

I am asking for each voter to vote FOR Ashley Duncan Conlon, Charlie Martinez and Gail Wirtanen. Each of these have served our children on the WISD board without a personal agenda and with diligent study of all sides of an issue. Each of them has been involved in community service and serve mindful of EVERY student in this district. Study their credentials and you will be proud to vote for these three outstanding public servants!

I am also asking each voter to vote YES for the bond proposal. There is erroneous information being advertised by the opposition to this bond. I am 74 years old and know that my taxes WILL NOT go up if this bond passes! My WISD tax rate was frozen when I was 65 years old when I declared my senior citizen exemption.

Also it is against the law to use bond funds to pay teacher salaries! Salaries, utility costs, maintenance, etc., are paid out of the maintenance and operations fund, which is capped at $1.40 by the state. Please contact your state and national legislators to increase funding for our employee raises.

Please exercise your right to vote and vote FOR Ashley Duncan Conlon, Charlie Martinez, and Gail Wirtanen! Vote YES for the bond proposal! A YES vote is a vote FOR our children.


Jane Denbow, Weatherford

Couple hopes Stasey elected to Annetta council position

Dear Editor,

We have had the privilege of knowing Kent Stasey since shortly after we moved to this community in 2006. Kent has always been a person of high integrity, both personally and professionally.

He is a genuinely kind person who strives to do the right thing, even when that is a difficult undertaking. Kent is an experienced businessman who brings to the table an excellent working knowledge of the needs of utility customers, which is currently a significant opportunity for improvement within the city of Annetta with regards to water systems.

Kent and his wife, Mary Beth, are dedicated Christians who actively seek opportunities to improve this community through their church, their children’s activities, their neighborhood and now through the place 5 position on the Annetta City Council. They are excellent role models within our community, volunteering countless hours at church activities and community improvement projects, as well as looking after neighbors who may need assistance.

Our home is currently outside the town of Annetta, but this election is important to our family, as we are customers of the water system owned by Annetta. We also are impacted with regard to the potential annexation of the Annetta ETJ water customers into the City of Annetta. We support Kent’s position on the improvements in the water system as well as his pro-annexation position for numerous reasons, not the least of which would be the road improvements for everyone on the way to Stuard Elementary, where our children attend.

We encourage you to get to know Kent and Mary Beth Stasey, if you don’t already. We are excited to see Kent stepping up to run for this position not for his own importance, but for improvements in our community. You will find that Kent has a genuine desire to listen to the concerns of residents, to implement positive changes on the city council, and to unify our community by working effectively with others, all while preserving the integrity of our community for generations to come.

Kent’s beliefs have been demonstrated throughout his campaign as evidenced by the fact that he has stated his positions on key issues from the beginning, has not wavered on these positions, has stayed on topic, and has never engaged in negative campaigning. Kent can be trusted to do the right things for the right reasons for our community.


J.D. and Karen Davis, Aledo

Writer backs Stasey for Annetta City Council

Dear Editor,

I’ve been watching the City Council race going on in Annetta and have been interested in the race for City Council Place 5.

Kent Stasey, a family man and community volunteer, has stepped up to lend his experience to the town, running against a guy who lists as his main qualifications for the job his “experience in the political realm in Parker County and at the state level” (Community News, April 26).

I don’t think Annetta needs a politician – Annetta needs a guy with “on the ground, practical experience” and Kent Stasey is that guy. He’s worked in the utility business for more than 20 years, he’s a customer of the Deer Creek water system, he’s closely involved in his children’s activities at Aledo ISD and has held leadership positions in his church there. He is a good family man who is focused on Annetta – not on the next political job or appointment coming down the line.

I hope others are watching this race as closely as I am and will join me in voting for a community member who wants to SERVE the people – not win an election. Vote for Kent Stasey, Annetta City Council, Place 5.

BJ Smyers, Annetta

2013 Annetta election politics

Dear Editor,

It’s sad to see a campaign letter mailed to Annetta residents called “The Real Truth” has resorted to Obama-style politics. There’s NO registered voter in Annetta or, for that matter, Texas by the name Alexandra Hayward. Why wasn’t there a return address? Why was it mailed from Dallas?

The letter mainly slams Bruce Pinckard. Could it really be from someone running against Bruce? From what I know, the letter is full of half-truths and misstatements. I’ve talked with Bruce many times. He’s always been open and willing to talk to me. We didn’t always agree, but we both understood from where the other was coming. That says a lot about a person right there.

The letter also slams Chuck Sheridan. I’ve known Chuck for years. He is one of the finest people I know or you could meet. He is nobody’s puppet or yes man. Plain and simple.

I don’t have a vote in this election. However, I also don’t like to see good people get wrongfully hammered and that is the reason for this letter. The letter did get one thing right. There are good and bad people in this. It just got it wrong as to who they are.

The letter talks about “illegal” activities, but who is currently being illegal in this campaign? Misrepresented letters, Election Code 15 Sec. 255.004. Misplaced signs, transportation code chapter 255 sec. 255.007. Signs can’t be in the right-of-way of roads. Missing required legal statements on signs, Election Code 15 sec. 255.004. Legal statement on signs on where signs can’t be placed.

Folks, take a minute and think about this. Do you want to elect people who are currently being deceitful, dishonest and already doing illegal things (i.e., fake letters, illegal signs, sign placements)? Add that to just flat out trying to buy the election or using it as a stepping stone for other things. Or do you want people who are truly there for the community. People that are giving up their time with their families to try and make it a better place.

Howard Story, Aledo

Writer opposes school bond

Dear Editor,

I am highly concerned about the upcoming $107,320,000 bond proposed by the WISD. The lack of administrative oversight and liberal spending highly concerns me.

It was 14 years ago that we awarded the school district $97 million. They had to have known then that separating the ninth grade and the rest of the high school was going to cause issues. Especially when all the athletic facilities are at the Ninth Grade Center. Now they are complaining about transportation problems like it is a recent development. Overnight, it has become a safety issue, but was not such a big deal only a few years ago.

The WISD administration does not keep or will not provide records for administrative expenses and maintenance bonds. These maintenance bonds do not have to be voted on by the taxpayers and only need to be approved by the Board of Trustees. If this is true, it is a fundamental failure in administrative oversight.

Another glaring issue of administrative oversight is capacity. Capacity numbers provided by the superintendent do not reflect the 2011-12 financial report submitted and received by the State of Texas. According to the report, only one school is at 102 percent capacity. Both other schools that he claims are over 100 percent are actually at 75 percent and 85 percent. Whichever is right? The board of trustees approved the financial report or the superintendent of the school? Either way, there is high miscommunication which should concern anyone handing over their hard-earned money.

We are currently encumbered with $75 million in bond debt. If we are to allow this bond and pay it out to the projected 2044, we will be paying over $500 million for four new baseball fields and a lighted track! That is half a billion dollars in debt!

The WISD administration wants us to go in debt at a phenomenal level only because they have decided they messed up 14 years ago. If you or I were to mess up in real life, we have to live with our decisions. It was the administration and the Board of Trustees who chose to break up the ninth grade from the other high schoolers. They should be held accountable for their actions and made to come up with a cost-effective solution that does not ask the taxpayers for more money!

This bond was not well thought out and hastily brought to the voters.

Vote against the WISD bond on May 11!

Bill Moylan, Weatherford

Ag-gag laws and freedom of the press

Dear Editor,

“Despicable, unconstitutional, ridiculous, immature, idiotic, and mendacious.” And that’s just how Tennessee newspapers characterized the state’s “ag-gag” bill now awaiting the governor’s signature.

“Ag-gag” bills criminalize whistle blowing that exposes animal abuses, unsafe working conditions and environmental problems on factory farms. Instead of encouraging whistle blowing and preventing these violations, ag-gag laws ensure that consumers and regulatory authorities are kept in the dark.

Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota and Utah have enacted ag-gag laws, but such bills were defeated in eight other states, thanks to a strong outcry from the public and newspaper editors. In 2013, new ag-gag bills were introduced in Arkansas, California, Indiana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont and Wyoming. The language has been invariably drafted by the infamous anti-consumer American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Thirty newspapers and 60 national animal protection, workers’ rights, civil liberties, public health, food safety and environmental conservation organizations have recently gone on record as strongly opposing ag-gag bills.

Our government must never restrict our right and obligation to know where our food comes from. For a recent update on the status of ag-gag bills, visit


Wilson Crowley, Weatherford