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May 9, 2013

Letters to the Editor – May 8, 2013

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Editor’s note: The first letter below was published in Tuesday’s edition, but inadvertently we listed the wrong author. We apologize to the author and our readers for the error and offer the corrected version today.

Vote no to bond

Dear Editor,

As a lifelong resident of Weatherford, I attended our public schools as did my wife, son, daughter and granddaughters. I have been in business here for many years and paid my school taxes without complaint. However, I do plan to vote no on the upcoming WISD bond election for the following reasons:

• Our school district needs a longer-range plan and needs to pay off more of the existing indebtedness before adding such a large amount.

• $107,320,000 is a lot of money, especially when we do not know how much will be spent on each individual item. It is just a blanket to be spent as desired. The bond proposal should be broken down into different projects to be decided by the voters.

• The total cost including interest for this bond is approximately $435 million. I do not want to burden my children with this debt.

• The sizes of the two buildings are enormous. The 78,000-square-foot building would be approximately 300 feet by 260 feet, if it is a one-story unit, or the length of a football field, and the other building at 66,425 square feet would be slightly smaller. Add the cost of future maintenance and repairs together with heating and cooling and the added expense begins to pile up. These added expenses of maintenance and operations are not included in the bond proposal.

There should be funds on hand from the sale of the ag farm that could be used for a lot of the items included in this “package.”

Seniors my age 65 years and older seem to think that they will not be affected by this bond. This sentiment could not be further from the truth.

Gene Jordan, Weatherford

Stand up to the NRA

Dear Editor,

Please stop the senseless slaughter of our citizens! Stand up to the gun manufacturers’ lobby, the NRA!

We don’t need assault weapons for hunting or target. There is no sport in obliterating an animal or target with multiple rounds!

We need common sense in our leadership. Not fear of the NRA.


Billy Stephenson, Weatherford